Imbalance 2 – can someone help me tidy up my header area please!?

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    Hi there,

    This is my first blogging experience and I have played around with customising the Imbalance 2 theme using this forum. I need help with CSS coding for my header area: the menu titles need to line up with the Search button.

    Also, I still cant figure out how to make an image stretch across the header like a banner. I know its possible!

    Any help would be most appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    Since your site is private, we volunteers cannot see it. Can you set it to the middle privacy setting (settings > privacy) temporarily so that we can take a look?


    Im so sorry, Ive now changed it back to public.



    Change the width in the following in your CSS to 680px

    #header-left {
    width: 680px !important;

    @thesacredpath, I want my categories to be shown on my posts on my homepage. However, they dont show up. I have tagged and added categories to all my posts but they only show up once you click through them and not on my homepage. It only lists the title, caption, and date, but not category like the sample theme has. Any tips?


    First off, do not post unrelated topics into existing threads as it just ends up confusing things.

    The site linked to your username shows categories on the main page: . This post, “Starry Night: The Standard for TV Ads” shows “trailers and viideo games.

    Also, typically image and “video” post fomats do not show tags. Only the “standard” post format will show tags on the main page.


    Also, do not post into threads that have been marked “resolved” as few of us volunteers will look at those.


    The other thing is that the theme you are using, Manifest does not show any tags or categories on the main page. There is no way to add them. That is beyond CSS. See the theme demo: .

    If you want categories and tags on the main page, you will have to switch to a different theme that shows them.

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