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Imbalance 2 column problem

  1. notesalongthepath

    Hello, thank you for your help.
    I just pasted this URL from Google Chrome:, which shows Imbalance 2 theme with 4 columns of posts, which is what I want. Here is the URL from IE 9,, which shows only 1 column, which is not what I want. (I realize they are the same URLs but they appear very differently.)
    I can't find anywhere within the theme where I can actually SELECT 4 columns. I tried flexible-width and fixed-width with IE 9 and it doesn't make any difference--in fact, it's set at fixed-width now. I read the questions and answers re: IMB 2 in the forum, but 'change browsers' seems unprofessional (of WordPress) to me. I can use Google Chrome with fixed-width myself, but since most people browse with IE, I am aggravated by this problem. Is there a solution that I can't find on my own? I guess I'll have to use another theme if it's not fixable.
    Thanks so much for any insight you can give me.
    Pam Bickell

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All browsers do display web pages differently.

    Imbalance 2 offers two layout options, fluid and fixed.
    Fluid means the width changes according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.
    Fixed means the width does not change according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.

    Column one is the blog title and tagline; you edit them in Settings > General.
    Column four is for widgets; you add them in Appearance > Widgets.
    Columns two and three are for two menus; you create and load them in Appearance > Menus - instructions here:

    That's as much help as I can provide but Themes Staff do monitor threads in the forum and will respond to you.

  3. notesalongthepath

    Thank you for your info--I appreciate your kindness.
    Hopefully, someone in Support will respond and help me with this huge disparity in appearance.
    Pam B

  4. Staff are actually unavailable until January 2nd though the Theme Staff may appear here before that. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. Hi notesalongthepath,

    I looked at your site in IE 9 and I see 4 columns of posts, just as I do in Firefox. Are you still seeing only one column?

    Can you check your site on another computer that's running IE 9? Does the problem persist?

  6. @michiecat
    I'm sneaking in a Happy New Year to you here. :)

  7. philiparthurmoore

    @timethief: Happy New Year to you also.

    @notesalongthepath: I've taken a look at your site in IE9 and it looks good on this end (see the screenshot). My hunch is that your browser, for whatever reason, wasn't loading the necessary JavaScript in order to properly display the home page posts on your site. I suggest clearing your browser's cache or trying to access your website from another computer with IE9 to make sure that this is just an isolated incident with your system. I'm pretty sure you should be good to go, though, as the site looks fine on the two versions of IE9 that I've tested. Let me know if this issue is resolved for you. Thanks a lot.

  8. performancewars

    Hello there I to have just selected this theme and really want the four column option, Have you sorted the problem and could you explain how you achieved four? I have looked at the advice given by timethief and went to my widgets page but have not got a clue as to which widget i should be using. I also looked at the link to create and load menus and none of this seems to be simple. I remember the early days of wordpress when it was a matter of clicking on a few options and hey presto! Where have those days gone? :) Any help would be appreciated

  9. @performancewars:

    a) Please correct your username link, as it links to a deleted blog.

    b) For four columns of posts you go to Appearance > Theme Options and make sure the fixed layout option is selected. For four columns in the header area, you need to create and activate two custom menus.

    c) For custom menus, try my instructions:

  10. notesalongthepath

    Hello performance wars,

    I can't find anywhere in the Dashboard of Imbalance 2 where we can select one or four columns for the posts. Does anyone know if there is a place? (I believe it is NOT a widget matter.)

    I asked for help because when I chose Imbalance 2 as my theme, using IE9 as my browser, it showed only one column. Turns out that was a problem with my computer ONLY--it shows up on everyone else's computers as four columns. But I still don't know how I got four columns instead of one. Could you possibly have the same problem? (I found this out by viewing it in Google Chrome where it displayed as four columns.)

    Regarding the top of your blog page, the custom header displays in the top left hand side; the PAGES you already have show up right after the header art. To use the third area, you have to create a custom menu, like if you wanted to highlight a group of posts or something. The fourth area is the Primary Widget Area, where you place the widgets you most want people to see. (The rest are at the bottom of the page.) You can see this at my blog:

    Best of luck,
    Pam Bickell

  11. Hi all,

    The issue notesalongthepath mentions is the same issue as I experience with my blog. Is there any solution yet to the viewing in IE?
    thanks for letting me know!


  12. Imbalance 2 requires JavaScript enabled browser to get the layout. If you are seeing only one column layout, please check your browser if JavaScript is enabled.

  13. Hi everyone.

    I'm having the same problem that others have mentioned here as well.

    I see the site displayed in both one and four column widths at different times i.e. one day it may display in 4 columns another in one, but primarily I see it in one.

    I viewed the site for notesalongthepath and saw four columns. I'm using IE9 with java script enabled.

    Any other suggestions?

    Does it matter what size I upload deatured images in for instance?

    Thank you for any help,


  14. Forgot to include a link to the site :

  15. hi everyone,<br /> I discovered an interesting feature of Imbalance 2 theme, and I wanna share it with the most.<br /> It's about the header and the drop-down menu. Would you like a full-width header image? Would you like a string of drop-down menus placed above the header?<br /> It's possible and relatively easy (i'm a beginner). <a href=""></a> that's how it looks like. (it's one jpeg with some white in the central area).</p> <p>Here you get clear explanation on how to do it: it's a matter of inserting your blog address here and there along a text, and finally paste the whole on your blog. </p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Here same story for drop-down menus:<br /> <a href=""></a> </p> <p>and this is my attempt to melt the two together:<br /> (not so clear now, but for those who implement curiosity...)</p> <p>header



    mailto:[email redacted]



    >>>My CODES: submenus
    <div style="width:960px;overflow:visible;position:relative;right:750px;top:3px;z-index:11;margin-bottom:-60px;">
    <img style="min-width:960px;" src="" />
    <div style="margin-top:14px;margin-left:222px;">


    <div class="menu" style="float:left;margin:0 14px;">
    <ul class="menu">
    <li class="menu-item">links
    <ul class="sub-menu"><li class="menu-item" style="position:absolute;top:20px;left:-210px;">CasaClima<li class="menu-item" style="position:absolute;top:40px;left:-210px;">Il Sole24Ore HERE


    >>>My CODES 2: menu+ submenus (ok)

    delete CAPITAL notes

    <div style="width:960px;overflow:visible;position:relative;right:750px;top:3px;z-index:11;margin-bottom:-60px;">
    <img style="min-width:960px;" src="" />


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    <div style="font-size:12px;color:#458B00;margin-left:26px;">certificazione energetica</div>

    <div style="margin-top:110px;margin-left:430px;">


    <div class="menu" style="float:left;margin:0 14px;">
    <ul class="menu">
    <li class="menu-item">home


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    <ul class="menu">
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    <div class="menu" style="float:left;margin:0 14px;">
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    <div class="menu" style="float:left;margin:0 14px;">
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    <div class="menu" style="float:left;margin:0 14px;">
    <ul class="menu">
    <li class="menu-item">links
    <ul class="sub-menu"><li class="menu-item" style="position:absolute;top:20px;left:-210px;">CasaClima<li class="menu-item" style="position:absolute;top:40px;left:-210px;">Il Sole24Ore


  16. And btw i saw that also my blog show up differently on the various browser
    take a look here:

  17. Same problem with the column here; sometime it failes and sometimes it doesn´t. If I run the page with IE Compatibility View on it does fix the fluidity issue; although it messes up the top horizontal break line.

  18. philiparthurmoore

    @shotgunpoet: Your site looks fine on this end ( If you're seeing one column please check your JS settings, check the site on a different computer, or reduce the amount of posts per page to see if there are noticeable performance improvements.

    @jogarriot: Please post a link to your site and give more detail about which browser you're using when the columns don't display correctly for you. Thanks.

  19. If you use 10 for posts and 10 for items in reading of settings, it will be okay.......
    There will be problem with more than 10........


  20. You can see the four columns......
    It's not Java problem....

  21. Sorry... I am wrong... There is still problem.....
    Please ignore above.

  22. @philiparthurmoore: I am using IE9 and I get the same problem with IE9 Compatibility Mode. If I visit my blog or any of the following I get only one column (so it´s a general problem):

    I noticed that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn´t. It certainly is a Javascript/JQuery issue and my guess is it has to do that something hasn´t finished loading by the time the function wrapperWidth() is called. Maybe some asynchronous call should be made synchronous?

    So I´ve been digging into the code and looking for ways to quick-fix it. While doing that, using the IE9 built-in debugger I noticed that after resuming the breaks it did for whatever reason the site would display properly. So this would be my patch for the time being:
    <br /> // fluid grid<br /> function wrapperWidth(<strong>timeout</strong>) {<br /> <strong>if (timeout != true) { setTimeout("wrapperWidth(true)",100); return; }</strong> var wrapper_width = $( 'body' ).width() - 20;<br /> wrapper_width = Math.floor( wrapper_width / 250 ) * 250 - 40;<br /> if (wrapper_width < 1000 ) wrapper_width = 1000;<br /> $( '#wrapper' ).css( 'width', wrapper_width );<br /> }<br />

  23. Just replace wrapperWidth() with my wrapperWidth(timeout) function and it will work.

  24. philiparthurmoore

    @jogarriot: Flagging this for our team today. We'll take a look at it a.s.a.p. Thanks for bringing this up and really sorry (to you and everyone) for the frustation with this.

  25. @jogarriot: thanks for your suggestions, even thought I use, and i wonder if I have the possibility to apply the correction you pointed out.

    could I ?

    btw, I tested on
    where I was surprised to see that 2 times out of 4 the IE9 test displayed my page correctly with 4 columns, BUT when i load an article and get back to home page, it show only one column.
    is it coherent with the timeout issue that you found?
    or it's one more defect?


  26. @cenergetica: I´m a free wordpress user newbie so I´m not sure if we can apply it; I believe we must wait for the theme staff to update it. But if you can apply it feel free to use the code and do let me know how you did :)

    as for your tests, I believe it would be the same issue.

  27. @jogarriot,
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Unfortunately, you are not able to apply the suggested patch by yourself here We file a ticket regarding this issue and we are look into soonest.

  28. @all,

    We've released a update for Imbalance 2 that seems to fix the issue in IE9 and 8. As far as I tested, the issue didn't happen anymore on my end but please let me know if the issue still persists. Please don't forget to clear cache and cookies before you test.


  29. ok. it seems working also on IE9,
    thanks, people around the world.

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