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    I am having trouble applying my chosen font to both site title and headings in Imbalance 2. Is this built into the theme? Any guidance gratefully appreciated.

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    This sounds like a CSS editing question to me so I’m flagging this thread nad having it moved into the CSS editing Forum for you.


    Some themes require a little CSS manipulation for custom fonts. I don’t see a site title on your site, so at the moment we have nothing to work with. If you can add that in, or tell us the font you wish to use, we can help with that. Also, exactly which headings do you want to have in the custom font?


    I tested this in a couple browsers, and I’m seeing Raleway in Chrome and Museo Sans in Firefox and Safari:

    I’ll look into this. Meanwhile, are you also seeing a different font depending on which browser you check?



    Thank you, time thief.

    @the sacred path, I removed the site title but have since reinstated it. I wanted to use raleway for both site title and headings. Currently, everything is showing as museo sans, my body text choice.

    @designsimply, I use Chrome and have had no issue before with custom font. I cannot check with firefox because I have had a previous issue with my version not showing custom fonts at all, even when updated.

    Much appreciate your replies.


    Thanks for the extra details. I’m looking into it.


    @gprew, I just tested your site again and the font looks correct to me, but I noticed you changed themes. Did you change themes because of the font issue? Are you happy with your new theme?



    Yes, designsimply, I changed themes because of the font issue. However, I do often experiment with themes so it is no big issue. I am happy with the way things look at the moment. Thanks for your help.


    Ok, I will keep an eye out for any other similar reports about fonts too—if there really are problems displaying fonts, I’d like find and fix the issues. For the issue you described, sometimes it’s a caching problem or a local network issue.

    Your site looks great! Oxygen is actually one of my favorites out of all the recent new themes has added.



    Thank you! I favour a static front page but was using Imbalance 2 to experiment with featured images. On the whole I prefer a minimalist look. Oxygen can be presented in many ways…extremely flexible theme. Thanks again!

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