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Imbalance 2: HTML Errors and Footer

  1. kriegsspieleblog

    I love the Imbalance 2 theme, yes I do! It's such a great work. But there are 2 things I'd even more love to be changed about it:

    1. The HTML-code of Imbalance 2 seems to be a mess. Have a look at the W3 validator's results here:

    2. The footer would be just great if it'd have 4 (four) places for widgets (that'd be 5 in total for the theme). Why are there only 2 columns? It simply doesn't fit into the overall 4 columns grid of the start, tags, and archive pages;

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!

    1) These errors are as a result of the W3 validator's lack of support for current HTML5 properties, and should not affect the display or quality of your site.

    2) This is how Imbalance 2 was originally designed -- it's "imbalanced", as per the theme name. :)

  3. kriegsspieleblog

    Well, I hope you're right regarding the code quality.

    Regarding the footer I'd really like to see two more columns for 2 additional widgets. There are so many cool widgets around and it's just sad to have no space for them ... when there's so much space available.

  4. We will take your feedback into consideration -- thank you!

  5. kriegsspieleblog

    Great! Would love to see two more columns!

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