Imbalance 2: no thumbnails for posts

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    The imbalance 2 demo shows thumbnail pictures above the text in the archives and the “posts” page. Mine just shows the full size image when the post is open but just shows text in the four column archives and “posts” page (I have called “work”)

    I tried with both single image andmultiple image.

    Also the “sub-heading” text looks exactly the same as the paragraph text in these areas but is differentiated in the full/individual post view.

    The blog I need help with is



    The thumbnails are actually Featured Images.



    Thank you. Now I am just trying to figure out how to get the first line which acts as a subtitle to stand out against the paragraph text. I used heading 2, which shows up in the main post but in the multipostbpage reads exactly the same and looks stupid.


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    You can make custom excerpts on the Imbalace 2 theme. If you want the heading formatting to appear on the full-page view, then this is the way to go. Rather than using the featured image, you can add your own images and formatted text with a custom excerpt.

    (note: you can not show galleries, videos, or other shortcode objects in custom excerpts.



    Ok so I am also having issues with adding featured images to a post. I don’t want to use the library or upload a new image to the site as I already have an image all ready to go with Photobucket.

    If I click “Set Feature Image” and use URL nothing will happen after I click insert into post.

    Do I have to use the library to use featured images?


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    Yes, featured images do not work with linked urls of images. They must be uploaded to your media library. Our platform/software can then use the uploaded image files to make a featured image in themes which support them.

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