Imbalance 2 – posts not lining up properly

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    I found something very weird with my website and i need help. when i am logged into my wordpress account, my posts are nicely lined up, 4 in a row and with the highlight box (pink) over it when i move my mouse to the post i want (not yet click). My friend however, who doesn’t have a wordpress account opened my account and he said that my posts are not in that 4 in a row format, but instead, they are all lined up in 1 long column, which is weird. How can I fix it so that people who ain’t logged into the wordpress still can see the 4 in a row with the hover highlight box.

    my website link is


    The blog I need help with is


    I checked in Firefox 18.0.2, Chrome 24, and Safari 6.0.2 on a Mac as well as Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 18 on Windows Vista — and everything looked aligned properly to me in all of my tests.

    Did you receive any other notes about the problem from anyone else besides the one friend? Do you think your friend could send you a screenshot showing the problem or let us know what browser version and what kind of computer they are using?


    Without more information about the user’s specific situation (i.e. info about what browser or device they were using to view the site), it’s hard to tell what might have been happening. I did check out the post in several browsers and I was unable to reproduce the problem your friend described. It sounds like it’s possible it was an issue that was localized to just their browser.

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