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    I have a question for anyone using or familiar with the Imbalance 2 theme. I am trying to get rid of that huge blank space they somehow thought would be useful. You know the one front and center of the screen when you first activate it? The blank space that would make it impossible for anyone using a smaller computer screen to view the entire screen’s content unless having to scroll side to side (for links and categories) or down ( to view the content).

    You have to scroll down to see any pages you might have and your content. Anyone just coming to you site and not familiar with the theme could very well think there’s nothing there and move on. Why is this designed this way?

    The only way it seems to me you can bring your content up towards the top of the screen is to do without anything in your sidebar. No widgets, categories, links etc.

    Does anyone know how this can be remedied? I see some examples of this theme where they have it in four columns and the sidebar is horizontal instead of entirely vertical yet I see no way to configure it that way in anything I click. Do you have to go pro for that?

    Please help if you have the time.


    The blog I need help with is



    well with a little experimenting I’ve managed to configure a little more sensibly. I put most of the sidebar widgets in the footer and went with the fixed width rather than the fluid.

    I would still like to know how the examples for this theme got their sidebar to go horizontally across the top of the page above their content. I’m thinking you have to go pro for that.


    I use Imbalance 2 and don’t have any of these problems you have (though til I reset my theme from flexible to fixed, I used to get the feature thumbnails all down the left hand side and none in the centre – maybe that’s what’s happening with you, too?). Try this: go to your dashboard, click on appearance, click on theme options. You’ll see the settings for Imbalance 2, there. Under ‘enable fluid grid layout’ click ‘no’ and then the ‘save options’ button below. Good luck.

    If you’ve got completely blank space at the top, you just need to set some menu items for your pages, links or whatever you want there, , with a custom menu. Dashboard – appearance – menus.


    Oh – and for the images, if you want them, you need to set a featured image on each post.


    Oh, and in Imbalance 2, the widgets that would normally go in a side bar go instead in one or both of two footers areas or in the header (but as far as I know the space for that is limited.)


    @jellew – I’ve seen a few of the topics you’ve responded to and all this ’email me at’ stuff is all very well, but what is your blog URL? Most people here on the forum help each other here so that other people can read their replies and learn from them. The forum us a sharing environment, and it’snot really the done thing to offer email advice here.


    @cyberator – if you click the tag for this theme, you’ll see a whole page of support topics about it. Maybe something has already been written that would help you?


    a) You should always link to the blog in question when it’s not the one linked to your username.
    b) You’re talking about the theme’s header area. It’s in four columns. Column 1 = blog title and optional header image. Column 4 = room for a widget (Added in Appearance > Widgets > Header Area). Columns 2 & 3 = room for two custom menus – see here:
    c) You might be interested in this alternative:



    thanks for the responses everyone. I’m at work now but when I get home tonight, I will read through these. I have managed to work out most of it but your responses look like they’ll be very valuable for me. Thank you.



    @absurdoldbird I wasn’t aware I was doing anything wrong by posting in the forum. I thought it was all going on in the forum and the emails were just to notify you that someone responded to you on the forum which you all could see as with all the replies above. I’m assuming we can all see them.

    Please let me know if I have to do something different as I agree with your attitude about the sharing on these threads.




    here’s the blog I mean

    @absurdoldbird very cool site. If I could get mine looking half that good I’d be happy.



    I tried changing the blog that is linked to my ID but I can’t seem to figure that one out either at the moment


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    No, you have not done anything wrong: absurdoldbird was referring to a new person in the forums who has been telling people to email him for help.

    The emails you get are useful for you to be notified when someone answers in these forums.



    I got the primary blog link to my name thing figured out



    thank You 1tess. I was confused by that since I was following all my stuff on the forum.

    Sorry I haven’t got back to you yet about your message. So many things I can’t keep up. I still plan to since I try to always respond.



    @cyberator – I was talking to the user called ‘jellew’ who interrupted your topic, sorry for any confusion! And thanks for liking my blog. The moment I saw it (it’s newish) I knew it was right for my stuff. That said, one day I may change it!



    well let is sit at least a day or two before you go changing it so I can enjoy it this config for a while.

    I can’t really work uninterupted on this till I get home tonight. I’m looking to figure out those menus you touched on to get my other blog links up top and center for one thing.


    This blog post (not my blog) should be give you some help with understanding custom menus:



    well I just got home and made a menu. I should do that with some food soon too since I’m starved. But priorities ;)

    I brought my other blog links up top but I see it doesn’t actually display the title you give the menu on the page. I guess just a means for keeping them straight. Shame. I thought of a cleaver one.

    I’m trying to think of a way to bring the “recent posts” and the “archives” up top too without putting them in the sidebar but in a menu. I suppose I could do that by creating a new category and just name it recent posts and manually move them in and out but that seems like a pain actually. Don’t know what to do about the archive.


    Personally I’d avoid putting too much in the header (the area above your posts is the header area, the area below is the footer area. There is no actual side bar or side panel in Imbalance 2) or people might spend more time on that than on your posts!

    Someone else will probably be able to help you apropos the menu titles (if they exist).

    It’s past my supper time here – I’m in the UK! ;)

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