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    I just switched to the theme Imbalance 2. My posts are not displaying in chronological order on the main page. I’ve checked that none of them are marked sticky.

    Any ideas how to get them back to chronological order?

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is


    oh and this is a link to my site



    I don’t have any specific help to offer but have you read the other Imbalance 2 threads? I frequently find answers by reading related threads and hope you will too. See here >



    I have visited your blog again and it seems to me that your posts are in the correct order ie. reverse chronological order. That’s normal for all blogs and cannot be reversed. For more tips on using this theme see here >



    Imbalance 2 positions each post in the next open spot in the grid. That’s how this theme works. It tries to minimize vertical gaps between posts of varying height, just like a mason fitting stones in a wall.


    @timethief – thank you very much for the response to let me know you looked into it

    Unfortunately there wasn’t anything to resolve my issue on the related threads link but I certainly appreciate the link

    Re: reverse chronological order. My apologies my message wasn’t clear, I was trying to say that the dates are out of reverse chronological order (I should’ve specified reverse, sorry about that)

    I logged out and checked my own blog and saw some posts displayed in reverse date like this:

    Nov 9, 21, 15, 8
    Oct 16, 20, 13, 19

    So it seems the dates are jumbled around. I hope someone can help. I don’t have the knowledge to figure out how to fix it..


    @iamtakashi – thanks so much for the reply and answer

    If you don’t mind a further question – is there a way to over-ride / edit that so it posts by reverse date?



    Since this is theme related question, I moved this to the theme forum.




    I’m afraid there is no option to reverse the order. You may edit the date/time to change the order, or use the Sticky status to move certain ones at the top.


    ok, thank you for your quick responses, it’s very much appreciated



    You’re welcome!



    I have recently switched to this theme , and its not showing thumbnails on homepage.

    Help me to rectify it.



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