Imbalance 2 widget and header issue

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    I use imbalance2 theme in my site. I love it. But i want to cutomise the text text that appears on the top left corner of my site . Also, i have created a menu. I want to insert it into my page. But when i get into the widgets, it is displayed as “your theme isn’t aware of widgets” . I am absolutely new here. I do not know php. CSS neither. Please tell me how to edit it and in WHICH FILE.


    I learnt to add menu to my page. Just the header is unresolved .



    Hi, these forums are for blogs hosted at and it appears as though you have your own self hosted site. Generally, self hosted WP questions as asked/answered on the ( forums.

    In any event, you may be able to change the display in your header by visiting Settings->General and making an edit to the ‘Site Title’ input field.


    Thanks jarretcade for the information. The text in the top left is displayed based on the title of the site. I would love to add my own custom text. Like ” techtate is happy to see you” or something else



    Right, did you try making changes on the Settings->General page in your admin area? Specifically the ‘Page Title’ section, any changes made there should reflect in the header area of your site.


    Yeah. I did. Why don’t you visit my site ? I have to put up an image in the top left corner where now “techtate” is displayed



    I did visit your site so I’m not quite sure why you are asking. I checked it out before I left a comment to make sure I didn’t accidentally repeat myself assuming you had already changed it.

    Although I would like to provide help as I already mentioned before, these themes are for blogs hosted at You are asking for support on a theme that isn’t hosted at

    You need to visit and create a post there as these forums are not the proper avenue for this issue.


    I did ! thanks :)

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