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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve browsed the forum but cannot find the answer I’m looking for; if anyone knows how to fix this (if it is possible), I would be grateful for your help.
    When you click on the site (at my name), you’ll see the main post page (“home”). There are photos and small text blurbs for each post. While I’ve started to fill in various posts, some still have the same “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text that I copied/pasted until I work on that post — just to get an idea how things will look overall in the end.

    My question is this: if you look at the top row of posts, you’ll see Milwaukee with the generic Lorem ipsum text, and then three other posts which I’ve filled in already with text. Notice how the generic text for the Milwaukee post is longer and takes up more lines on the page than the other text? This is my dilemma. I would like to know whether it’s possible to vary the length on these blurbs from the post that appear on the home page. If not, I’m afraid of all posts having the same amount of text, and subsequently creating an even grid of posts and texts (I really like the uneven, shuffled, look; how not all posts are in a neat roll and would like to use post text blurbs as a way to get that result). I know I could use a vertical image, since everything is cropped to the width set up on the theme and this would help to break up the unevenness, but I don’t have many vertical images of work to set this up. Would a non-breaking space help? I also tried “More” break, but it had no effect.

    Also, if I’m the one who copied/pasted in the lorem ipsum text — why is it longer than other text that I’ve filled in, and that will remain? What is the logic behind where this text breaks (is it a word or character count?).

    Thanks for your time, sm.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hmm…i thought i set this up correctly when writing the post — but the blog in question is this one:



    Hello there,
    This is all I know but Theme Staff do monitor these threads.
    Imbalance 2 offers two layout options, fluid and fixed.
    Fluid means the width changes according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.
    Fixed means the width does not change according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.

    Imbalance 2
    Column one is the blog title and tagline; you edit them in Settings > General.
    Columns two and three are for two menus; you create and load them in Appearance > Menus – instructions here:
    Column four is for widgets; you add them in Appearance > Widgets.

    Featured Posts
    The theme optionally allows you to promote sticky posts as featured posts and display them below a post in single view. With custom header images, you can display your own photo on your blog’s page headers. Featured images allow for even greater customization, giving you the option to display unique custom header images for specific posts and pages.

    See also:
    Imbalance 2 displays the beginning of each post on the main page and that’s built in function in the theme. As in all themes that display post beginnings, all HTML tags are stripped out; so no links, no formatted text, and no regularly inserted images. To display images or custom excerpts on the front page, you need to set a featured image to each post, or copy paste content (including image code) from the HTML editor to the Excerpt module.

    Hope this helps.


    This is an issue with the lorem ipsum text, not with the “real” text. The lorem ipsum text has non-breaking spaces between all words which means that all the words will try and stay together. Not how the lorem ipsum text has places where there are only two words on a line and the rest of that line is blank when it should have another word or two?

    Here is what I see when I look at the source code for your page.

    <p>In&nbsp;publishing&nbsp;and&nbsp;graphic design,&nbsp;lorem ipsum[p][1]&nbsp;is&nbsp;placeholder text&nbsp;(filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the&nbsp;graphics&nbsp;elements of a document or visual presentation, such as&nbsp;font,&nbsp;typography, and&nbsp;layout. The lorem ipsum text is typically a section of a&nbsp;Latin&nbsp;text by&nbsp;Cicero&nbsp;with words altered, added and removed that make it nonsensical in</p>

    Note the
    between virtually all words? That is the code for a non-breaking space. All those need to be removed and replaced by standard spaces and then you will find that the text will end up at about the same length as the “real” text.



    Thanks so much to you both — and thesacredpath, this is it. Based on some help you provided last summer, I thought it had something to do with the non-breaking space; however, it turns out I was using it incorrectly (mine had an additional space following the semi-colon). I actually hope to get these post text blurbs a little bit longer/more varied — similar to what I’m calling the “generic” lorem ipsum text — just in hopes of breaking up the layout of posts so they’re not in even rows. I’ve experimented with the second (New Orleans Moderism) post text, and already I’m seeing the changes.

    It works! Yeah!

    As always, thank you so much for your help…and have a nice day. SM.

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