imeem music in blog??

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    erm i wanna ask if we can put songs from on our blog using the first method in this link :”” ??? i wanted to put imeem music in my post but i dunno how. is it possible?? thx in advance



    I’m sorry but imeem embeds are not supported here. You cannot embed flash here because of security reasons. You could contact staff suggesting the addition of an imeem widget, though.

    You can verify this with the results from the forum searchbox at this link



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    oh ok thx. btw, can u tell me some sites that has the .mp3 files uploaded by other people??? i need those that have japanese songs but sonific doesn’t have it…


    erm it will be better if u dun have to register to get those .mp3 files uploaded by others. makes things easier…



    It’s really very difficult to find MP3 files already online. Maybe you could start a new thread in the Off Topic forum asking for sources, because some people there might be able to help you.

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