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    I noticed that my image uploader no longer features an account of how much upload % I have used sofar (I’m still on the 50 MB freebee). I also found my archive empty: it shows 16 pages but they’re all blank: ‘there are no attachments to be shown’. Fresh uploadings are no problem; but the moment I leave the upload tab, it empties itself.
    This is quite inconvenient. Sometimes I have to make a correction and withdraw the image because of a too long filename for instance, and place it again. But now I have to make another upload, which means an extra debt on my 50MB…
    The blog still features all uploaded images, so obviously the data hasn’t vanished. It’s invisible. Did I de-activate some option?






    Sorry, I just posted another topic because I couldn’t find this one, I thought it hadn’t come through! It’s not about the archive; I just saw that all images are back. But I’m still missing an option.



    I posted a link to another thread in that other thread…send a feedback and it should get restored.

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