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img border="0" ?

  1. Could this be allowed? Currently it seems border="0" get stripped.

  2. border="0" is a depricated attribute for xhtml - use styles instead as they say at w3c

  3. but style is also disabled unfortunately.

  4. Not as a point of contention but just to note that border is in xhtml/transitional which is what is being used. In xhtml/strict it is deprecated.

  5. Let me know what theme it is and I'll fix it in the CSS.

  6. julianrodriguez

    happens in the default theme. looks really ugly with text surrounding the image

  7. the hspace and vspace html tags seem to work (though not always for some reason) if you want some breathing room around your images.

  8. How do you use those exactly?

  9. happens in all the themes, it's hideous. can we just get rid of the nasty blue border surrounding all thumbnails?

  10. use the html mode. within the '<img scr>' link, add hspace="number of pixels" to add a margin on the left and right of the image, vspace="number of pixels" for the top and bottom. start with values of 10 or 20 between the quotes as a start.

    as for the blue border, i suppose deleting any of the 'border='... references would eliminate the blue box, but i haven't attempted.

  11. I'm using the Regulus theme and notice that while hspace and vspace show up fine in the WYSIWYG editor, they don't make their way to the page when published. Anyone know the deal?

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