Immediate need of a crash course

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    I have run a successful blog at They left us all floating in cyber space and have not answered e-mails. Today, the blog was closed due to bandwidth.

    I need to make an immediate move for I off a subscriber section and they’re not too happy?

    Firstly, I appologize form not completely searching the site. I will asap, but need immediate answers.

    1- Knowing that my site will get 2000 or so hits a day, which direction should I go in?

    2- Will support help me with questions via phone?

    3- I have created a blog, but for the life of me cannopt set up categories, why is this?

    4- Is there a book (dummies) or site that can walk me through the process?

    5- I need to get some form of a blog up in less than 24 hours.. Org. or Com?

    Thanks so much in advance. I am anxious to become a part of this community once all settles.



    1: Which direction? Without more info we can’t say. We DO have some substantial security restrictions like no Flash, no Javascript, etc, as well as no paid advertising. If you want it subscriber-only, you will have to purchase the Unlimited Private Users upgrade for a private blog.
    2: not that I’ve ever heard. They’re strictly online, basically 9-5 PST. The forum is always open, but it’s staffed by volunteers.
    3: I can’t tell without more information. What is the specific problem you’re having setting up categories? Are you unsure how, or are you experiencing a technical problem? If so, please give more details.
    4: Yes, there is a WordPress for Dummies book that is very good, and many resources online. Start with the FAQ and move on from there:
    5: .COM. You can always move it later.


    Re: 3
    I get the feeling you’re trying to create categories without actually having created a post.

    You create the categories you need for each post at the bottom of the post writing form. But I think at that time you can create as many categories as you want without actually using them for that post.

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