import a csv file?

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    hi wordpressers,

    i’d like to import all my book reviews from Goodreads… it will export a .csv file–anybody know how i can import this file? there aren’t any tools through which to import from Goodreads.

    thanks for helping!

    ps love wordpress. best blog software ever.

    The blog I need help with is


    You need to contact staff directly and see if there is a way that they can do that for you. It will have to be done directly into the database by them.

    Go to fill in your question, click the “no…” button and fill in the rest of the information and click the submit button.

    If they cannot do it, then I’m afraid it will be copy and paste into individual posts.



    thanks very much! i appreciate the help :-)


    You are welcome and hopefully staff can figure out a way to do it for you.

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