import blog from blogger failed to import changes

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    I am still using blogger as the primary blog where I add new and edit the old posts.

    however every time after modification I import the blog to wordpress, so that I have a synchronized blog as backup.

    this worked earlier well so far I remember.

    However recently I noticed that the changed posts is not imported to wordpress any more. Only new posts is transferred.

    can someone help me to solve this?

    I am not sure if it would be the only way to delete the whole blog in wordpress later on and then import the blogger posts so that I can keep both blogs synchronized.



    Hello! I do not have the answer but perhaps you can help me as I want to import my Blogger Blog to WordPress. Where is this done in WordPress? I hope you can help me? Regards George




    the guidline could be found here,

    it worked well, however I just found the about said problem

    good luck


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