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    Hi There! I just create my account and don’t know too much about wordpress, so sorry if I am making stupid questions =)

    I was creating my blog and realize that I have the option to import my blog from Blogger, what is great!!! But… I have few questions:

    1. If I import my blog, will I loose it from blogger? I mean.. can I keep it in as well?

    2. I read that my pics won’t be imported… what else won’t be? Will I have my links separeted as they are now? What about my sidebar content?

    3. My comments are managed by haloscan and my counter is managed by Bravenet. What will happen then? Will I loose them all? How can I deal with that?

    4. The presentation/template for sure will change, right? I’ve chosen one from your your list, but how can I make changes on it? for example: to change backgroud color and type of fonts? Is it possible?

    I think it’s all for now! =)
    I am sorry about all this questions, but I really need to know what will happen and how it will be if I import my blog. Not that I do not trust in your service or so.. it’s just that my blog is quite important for me, and I’ve spent so many nights and days working on it… I really don’t want to have bad surprises…

    Thank you verry much for your attention.




    1) No, it stays. It just reads the content and copies it.

    2) I believe it’s just the posts and the content that comes over. At least that’s what happened when I tried it a few days ago. As an aside, you are going to have to copy the pictures over to your space as blogger doesn’t allow your pics to be displayed from other sites. (Known as hotlinking)

    edit: You may be able to get the links over via OPML. If it’s an issue, post your URL for your blogspot blog and I’ll see if I can give it a try.

    3) Bravenet is javascript so that’s not allowed. Javascripts are removed from all user input due to security concerns. We had a thread here a few weeks ago with details on how they found over 20k hacked blogs over at due to them allowing them. Not sure about the haloscan but I don’t think they’re going to come over since that’s a seperate system. Only thing I can suggest is give it a try as I don’t have an account that I can test on.

    edit: Just remembered that sitemeter will allow you to start at a different number than zero so you may be able to fudge the counter.

    4) That’s the CSS upgrade. Dashboard -> Upgrades for more information.

    As to the turst issue, please remember that security has a lot of weight around here. For example, we’ve only really had 2 bits of downtime in the last year or so and I know one of them was due to a programming error that was quickly fixed. Backups are done every hour, servers are spread across the US in three different datacenters to prevent downtime, the servers are monitored 24/7 by staff arond the globe and what I feel is the most important thing, you actually get answers in the support forum which seems to be lacking at most sites.

    Hope this helps,



    I’ve imported from blogger when WordPress first offered this. Here’s what I know:

    1.Backup your template. When I imported, I lost my template on blogger. Your posts remain.

    2.If memory serves me right, my pictures in blog entries came in properly.

    3.My comments came in properly, did not lose them. I don’t see how having it imported with Haloscan will have the comments lost from Haloscan.

    4.You can’t import statistics – this is a new blogging CMS here. Your blog content is what is being imported, not the code for things such as subscription buttons for the blog or anything like that, just the content which are the posts.

    5.The template here will be different, yes, and you will have many to choose from. is not like blogger where you can just edit the code for your site. Also, the code here is a bit different than with blogger. If you know CSS then you are in luck, but you have to pay an annual fee to edit a template. There are some things you can do for free. I don’t think background colour is one of those things, but FONT can change in the WYSIWYG editor, so change it when typing blog entries. You should also be able to change the blog header for free.

    6. The main thing you have control over is what is on your sidebar, you can do a lot of stuff thanks to widgets, and in this regard it is easier than blogger. I moved over from blogger and am very happy, you will be too. It’s a bit different but you can make the change. Anything more, please feel free to ask. Hope this helps.



    Damn you mike! :p At least I compared and mentioned something you didn’t haha.



    Just for reference, the template issue is for the older version of blogger. I tested this a couple of days ago and the importer no longer changes it.


    Thank you very much guys!!!
    This information helps a lot! At least on theory!!! hahaha (just joking!)
    But I’ve been working on my blog so much that I know that not always theory and practice work together!! =)

    You asked about my blog, here it is –
    The only thing is that it is in portuguese, as I am brazilian!

    Thank you again!!



    You may have to redo the Youtubes as well. The embed tags are stripped for security purposes although Youtube (and like 9 others) is supported here.

    I’ll go see if I can find a OPML reader to pull that link list.



    Here’s what you should do, why not go through the blog, see what entries you like, then create a page on your WordPress theme and dedicate it for the best entries from your blogger blog? You could edit the banner on your blogspot site to say you’ve moved to wordpress. You won’t regret moving to WordPress, though.



    I can come up with an OPML file for your previous links. Please drop me an email at theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com and I’ll send you the URL for you to use.

    Hope this helps,


    Hi guys!! Here I am gain!!
    I already imported my blog and started to make some changes! Well.. I try… because I don’t know how… rsrsrs

    See if you can give me a hand…
    1. How can I take off the “no comments” we see just close to da date of my post? I just don’t see use for it, once there is another just below the post…

    2. Talking about it, how can I change the sencond “comments” that is just below my post? Can I move it to another place, for example close to “tags” item? Can I change the word “comments” to something else and how?

    3. I changed already the color of my sidebar contents, what is great!! , but how can I change the color of my links? which I’d like to have in red, as the rest of the side bar…
    Besides, is it possible to use it as another “page”?

    4. How can I change “Front Page” to something else? And how can I change it’s colors as well? (as I hate green!! rsrsrs)

    Thank you again!!!!


    Oopss.. one more question… where is my counter? I mean… I didn’t find any option that show the number of visitors… is there any?




    CSS upgrade for all of that. You can’t remove the first “No comment” because it’s tied to the date display right beside it. It’s both or neither. Can’t change the Front Page because it’s hard coded into the theme like that. Counter -> Take a look at the widgets for teh Blog Stats one and add that in.

    Hope this helps,

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