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Import blog from yahoo 360°

  1. Recently, yahoo 360° announced that 360° will transition to a new feature with improved blogging features.

    "We will be sharing specifics of this transition over the next several months, but I can tell you today that Yahoo! 360 will transition to a new universal Yahoo! profile that will be closely tied to other relevant services across Yahoo!, and will include improved blogging capabilities. "

    For me time to leave. That's why I started a blog here at wordpress. It is possible that many unsatisfied bloggers at 360 will look for a new place, cause the communication and the support at yahoo is very low. That's why it would be great if wordpress has a feature to import all the yahoo 360 blogs into wordpress.

    Until now, this seems not possible. Anyone has a suggestion or knows if this import feature will be created?

    What I am missing here at wordpress is the feature to embed content. Especially for music this would be nice. I read on the forum that this is because of security reasons. Will this be forever or will the embed possibility be available again soon? I really miss the freedom it gives in posting.

    Thanks from a newbie here a wordpress,


  2. What are the export options from Yahoo? I have never used the service so can't tell.

    Embedding any java or javascript and iframes is disabled because of the lack of security offered by having it enabled. This is likely not to change, but we don't have crystal balls and most of us are just bloggers like yourself.

    There are already various options for embedding video and audio tracks, although, I admit they are somewhat limited.

    Have a look through the features page - - which doesn't tell you much (!) or have a search through the forums for music/video or similar and see what comes back. I don't "do" music so can't help much that way I'm afraid.

    If you can work with what is available then I am sure that you won't regret the switch - especially if you can import your old posts!

  3. Okay, I went and played. The only way to do it as far as I can see is to capture the RSS feed and try to import it that way.

    I haven't tried this method though!

  4. Thank you both for the replies! I like to express myself using music as well. I figured out right now how to get music in my blog. But the feature is quite limited. Anyway, for me it is good cause it makes me think about the copyrights (I used not to honour them by uploading mp3's that where not my own...). Good to stand still and find a legal way to share music to express my being...

    I posted this post as feedback through the dashboard and the WP guys replied very quickly. It seems like an import feature will be depending on an export feature at yahoo 360. For the moment there is none, but they promise to make the transition to their new service easy. So they probably develop kind of an export tool. Would be nice if WP jump on this opportunity to make it easy for people which like to transition from yahoo to WP (like myself).

    In the mean time, I have added the yahoo blog in an rss widget in the sidebar. I plan to copy the most important blogs into WP manually. Great that you can change the timestamp.

    The WP community feels good. I am happy I am here!


  5. FYI: I really liked the yahoo 360 blog feature cause it was easy to create using all different other services on the web. This gives lot of freedom. is the link to my blog over there.

    The last weeks and months, there is no following up on the bugs mentioned. Seems like they are not longer developping the platform. That's y I am here at wordpress now. The social networking feature, I have replaced by facebook. There is now a facebook application to integrate wordpress. And for pics I love to use flickr.

  6. @ans: Glad to hear you're happy with WP. It's a wonderful community with great features; nice to have you aboard. :)

    I just had a quick look at your old blog. As far as I can tell, this is the link to your blog's feed. If you save that feed as a .xml file, it should come out in a format you can import into WordPress. I think this is what Cornell's talking about, rather than a widget.

    I'm not sure exactly which import you would use (maybe the LiveJournal one?) but a few people have said this works. I haven't tried it, though, so you'd have to experiment. If you try it, could you let us know how it goes? :)

  7. @cjwriter: thanks for information but I decided to import only the most important entries of yahoo blog till now. I choose not to import all of them cause I embedded a lot of stuff that is not allowed here on WP for security reasons. Without the embeds many of my old blogs are not easy to understand.

    The most important once, I imported manually one by one. I had to remove the embeds and change them with the allowed features here on WP like [audio=] en [slideshow 123455]

    This works fine but some slideshows from slide.comm give me !!!! instead of the slideshow. Even after maken their size small enough to fit into the theme.

    It's possible that I ll try your advice with the rss feed saved as html. I keep you informed if so.

  8. I'm also leaving Yahoo 360 and will be anxiously waiting to find out if I can export my blogs from there to here.

    Here's hoping.

  9. I too am here on WordPress because of yahoo 360's pending end. I've signed up for various other social networking/blogging sites, but for some reason don't feel as comfortable with them as I have with yahoo 360. Something about WordPress feels as comfortable as Y360 has been. Its a feeling.

  10. There are two approaches. Firstly, does yahoo 360 have a blog exporter? Ask and find out because if it does then you can get an xml file with your blog contents and upload it to a blog. Secondly, if there is no exporter then do the blogs have rss feeds? If so export/import can be done using them

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