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    I want to move all my FeedBurner subscribers over to the WordPress.COM blog subscribers functionality. Is this possible? If not the only option is to ask them to sign-up again, which will inevitably result in some subscriber loss. :-(

    I don’t want to continue using FeedBurner and split subscribers between the two services and give inaccurate stats (the actual RSS address is hard-coded in the template so I can’t change it to my FeedBurner one).


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I don’t believe it is possible to “import subscriber from Feedburner” as I have searched and not found any indication that this gas been successfully done. However, some other Volunteer or Staff member may have information I’m not aware of.

    I chose to leave my Feedburner subscribers as is without setting up blog subscriptions. If and when I move my blog onto a wordpress.ORG install I will only have to re-verify with Feedburner and when I did that previously on another blog it was very easy and quick to do.

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