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import blogger error

  1. Hello. Please can someone let me know why I can't import my blogger blog? I followed the onscreen instructions and selected authorize at the appropriate juncture, but once I authorize it just sends me back to the front page. When I check my posts, nothing has imported...
    I checked the FAQ but couldn't find anything...
    Thank you

  2. Hello - me again.... I had one last try out of desperation and now it works! Don't know what happened there?
    Thanks again

  3. Did you get some sort of error or anythign specific appear? We don't have backend access so we couldn't tell you if they were working on the code. I do know that Google has changed stuff on their side three times this year without letting anyone else know or updating their API information. It may have happened again.

  4. Today August 26 2007 the import blogger function is not working - "Trouble .... etc" notice appears. Is this related to the new Video Upload in Blogger?

  5. Yes, not working.... :(

  6. Still not working, today :-(

  7. Unfortunately the same ;-(

  8. I had trouble getting it to work last night, yeah. =/ (In what way is this topic "resolved"?)

  9. Are you reporting to Staff?


  10. napraticaateoriaeoutra

    Same problem here.

  11. (In what way is this topic "resolved"?)

    The OP's problem was solved, and so he marked this thread as resolved. The only person who can mark a thread resolved is the original poster of the thread; it's not a global statement.

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