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    I am not hosting my Blogger blog on, if I were this would seem to be quite easy, as I have a test blog that I was able to easily import from Alas, my main blog is hosted on my own server, however it has been powered by blogger and now I would like to switch to wordpress, but I want all my previous posts.

    I use the importer and it never gets over 15% before it drops back to trying again. Also, It occaisionaly stops and complains that I do not have access to the server or the domain does not exist (absurd I tell you!)

    Any clues?



    I’m so sorry to tell you this bad news. If you type import from Blogger into the forum search box you will find multiple threads where people experienced problems like you have.



    Maybe trying early morning (US time) might help since it’s less traffic at that time. But I never got mine imported either. Blogger has loads of problems and it’s probably at their end.



    Agree with trying it early morning as well. The issue is on blogger’s end.



    I don’t think it was blogger’s fault – I know that is a favorite target around here, but the files were coming from my server not from blogger’s server. The script needs to be adjusted to that it can handle importing a blogger-driven site that is hosted from another location.

    In order for me to solve this problem, I had to publish all my sites to the blogspot host (which comes from blogger’s servers) and then import via the script.

    not everything is blogger’s fault, I know that is the easy answer to alot of questions, but really, it’s not always true.



    They go through blogger’s servers though. At least that’s how I understand their forwarding scheme. They don’t come directly from your server.

    Well, at least you got it to work in the end. :)

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