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    OK, I’m trying to move a wordpress blog I have hosted on my own ( and importing it to my blog at

    I’ve actually done 3 different imports – one for a single year, one which did about half the posts, both from last night, then finally one with all the posts this morning. I couldn’t import EVERYTHING because the file generated when I tried to export all content was about 25MB in size or so.

    It looks like all the information was imported – categories, tags, posts, comments all were imported smoothly. However, the several thousand images on the old site didn’t move over at all. It’s only been about 6 hours since I did the last import, but I’ve also gotten emails saying all the imports are done, and I’ve seen no activity at all since the posts themselves were moved over.

    Might it still take this long (even after emailing me that it was done) to import images, or what can I do to try import the images. Moving that many images over manually is obviously not really an option.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there,

    I’m checking to see if this is getting triggered somehow by the sheer number of images – I’ll keep you posted!



    I’m working on importing the images for you now. With around 8,000 of them, it’ll take a while to do the import, but you should start to see them load into your media library. I’ll follow up with you once the process is complete (likely sometime tomorrow).


    cool. I think there were only about 6600 in the media library, but there may very well be some images that uploaded before that even existed. it is nearly 7 years old!



    This image import is all wrapped up. You’ll see some images in the media library that appear to be duplicates, but they’re resized versions for thumbnails. When you post new ones to your blog, duplicates won’t be created. Just let us know if you run into any other problems with your site.


    Thank you very much!

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