Import – "designsimply" Shown as Author of My Blog?

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    Searching hasn’t helped me…

    I created a test blog, which is private. To populate it with posts and such for testing, I exported my main blog as an xml file, and went to import that file to the private blog.

    On the dashboard of the private blog, under Tools/Import it shows Sheri “designsimply” as the first “Import Author” as shown in this image. (I hope it loads – I’ve loaded it to my real blog media files.)

    I haven’t clicked “submit” yet, and certainly I will chose myself as author in the drop down box, but… why would Sheri appear anywhere on my blog as an author? I haven’t designated anyone else to the private or the main blog, and this has me worried. Not that it is Sheri, that there is any other author showing.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Go back into the original blog (where you got the import) and check at posts > all posts and see if there is perhaps a test post that @designsimply did at some time while helping you with something. If there is, then you can delete that post and then reexport the content.


    I checked all posts and all pages, and I am the only author for all of them. I also checked all users, and I’m the only one showing.

    designsimply did help me with CSS code, but it was pasted here for me to copy.

    I realized I could check the xml in Dreamweaver, and designsimply shows at the top as the first author, and doesn’t show anywhere else.

    If there isn’t any need for concern, I’ll just delete that and re-import.

    Thank you, thesacredpath!


    During import I think you can set it so that it changes all authors. It used to allow that as I remember.

    I’ll tag this for staff attention and hopefully they will be around soon and can look into it for you.


    Thank you!



    Sheri is one of our staff members here.

    If I had to guess, I’d say maybe she helped you with a post at some point and wound up as a revision author.

    If you’d like more details, please let me know the URL of the blog you exported from so I can take a closer look.


    Sheri has helped with CSS changes, I haven’t had problems with any post. (There was a problem where I couldn’t copy a post, but you were the one to help me find the setting that needed to be changed.)

    The blog is the one linked to my name,

    Please note… Sheri is wonderful and there isn’t any issue with her at all, it just surprised me to see her name (or any other name!) as an author on my blog.

    Thank you, macmanx!



    Ah, that’s what happened. Believe it or not, Custom CSS is actually a custom post type, so anyone who makes a revision to your CSS is therefore making a post revision and therefore would be considered as an author in the export file.

    Sorry for the confusion!


    Thank you! I think it was all through cut and paste in the forum, but I suppose it is possible.

    I’ll mark this resolved, and not worry about it. Thank you!



    You’re welcome!

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