Import doesn't let me choose an XML file, and says it's already importing

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    Ik want to import my exported Blog which I’ve altered because my files (graphics) are now hosted at a different location.
    But as soon as I hit WordPress at the Import screen, it says it’s already importing my XML.
    I haven’t even uploaded the XML yet…
    Might this have something todo with a previous import that failed, because I used Wordpad to change the file.
    I now know I shouldn’t and used Notpad for this, but now it looks like I can’t import?

    Leo Graper.
    Blog url:



    Hi there,

    I reset your importer — could you give it another shot?

    If you’re still encountering issues, feel free to drop us an email with your WXR/XML file:



    Thanks for that, but somehow it still doesn’t work.
    Normally when I select Import -> WordPress I get the opp. to select the XML file.
    It doesn’t do that, and ‘thinks’ it’s still importing somehow.
    That might have todo with an older XML, which I don’t have anymore, I used Wordpad on that file to change stuff, which I understand now puts in ‘extra’ stuff that makes the Import choke, so to speak.
    So I’m still waiting for the import handler to figure out there’s nothing to import, the message I get is:
    We’re processing your import now and will send you an email when it’s all done. If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours, please contact support, and we’ll get everything fixed.



    Could you try again?

    If it doesn’t work, please send the file to us at



    Thanks Chris,
    I got the option back where I could specify the XML.
    It uploaded fine, and I choosed to import only my articles, that’s correct, right?
    I now recall something simular happened a couple of days ago.
    I started the import, and never got any reply, whatsoever, normally it should say, importing has started, and so on…
    I’ll forward you the file I exported today, then adjusted paths with notepad, and that I’m trying to import now.
    Thanks for your time,
    Leo Graper.



    Hello Chris,

    I just did another attempt, and I got 20 articles in, also this time, the email was sent at the end of the import.
    I’ll send the articles that got imported in a Jpeg, so you can see what got imported (goodluck with readin all that Dutch!) en hopefully maybe why…
    I’ve taking a look at the articles that get imported, but I have no idea why these are imported and others (the majority) didn’t.
    This time it was relatively easy to delete the dupes, but wouldn’t it be a good idea that I create a new Blog just for this?
    That way it’s easier to delete the dupes, because probably the next batch will have more articles added, hopefully all.
    Probably it’s best to create 1 within my current BleoG?



    If you want to, we can empty the entire blog so you don’t have to worry about dupes in the import.

    If you sent us an email with the file, we’ll reply there and feel free to request an empty then if it works for you.



    Hello Macmanx,
    That would be great, but, the fact that I have all my articles tucked away in the Bin is in fact for me my only life saver, article wise.
    As long as the import only imports some of my articles, I still have them online, only having to restore them to the original place.
    For me this is a good thing and feeling, as I don’t have real knowledge about the ins and outs of what’s going on.
    So I would want to go for this option, but I really need to be sure that all my data will get imported in the end.
    I already sent the XML through the channel, and I believe chrisrudzki already made 1 or 2 efforts, the first time nothing happened, and the second time 20 articles got imported.
    My 2 cents about the last import are, I somehow get the feeling the import is going haywire by not finding stuff the way it’s programmed to find in the Xml, in the order of, ok I found a <title> and an </title>, now let’s read on and find the upcoming <blabla>, and somehow this is not there, or it’s on some sort of buffer break, so the match isn’t successful.
    This could be a reason why so many are not imported?
    Hope this helps, I’ve done a lot of conversions in my previous years, and these were my pitfalls, taking things for granted that aren’t there, sorry I can’t be more specific!
    I’ll start a fresh email with the XML and the Jpeg with the latest findings, and we’ll go from there, I also think you made this remark without having seen my email I sent yesterday….



    Hello again,
    As you guys prob don’t work during the weekend I thought to give my first idea a try.
    And guess what, the import was succesful! All articles imported!
    It also looked familiar again, as i immediatly saw Processing….
    We’re processing your import now and will send you etc etc….
    From the point on where I started to export, change paths and import I never saw this…
    I guess it now looks like the XML is ok, but something else is wrong within my Blog.

    Is there a way you guys can change my and make it
    I haven’t taken a look at all the reactions keywords and so on, so I’m not sure that all this will suffice…




    That’s great to hear!

    You can change your blog’s address following this guide:



    Hello Macmanx,
    I’ve read this part twice, but I’m still not 100% sure what (not) to do.
    What i need todo is let bleogtemp become leograper.
    I see in the documentation that if you decide to say farewell to a Blog, you can never us it again?
    So what’s the sequence to be sure becomes
    Thanks in advance,



    Ah, I see the problem. is already taken, so you won’t be able to change the URL to it.

    Instead, I recommend exporting and importing your content via the Tools section of each blog’s Dashboard.



    Correct, that’s mine, that’s where it al started.
    In a meantime I’ve imported the Blog again, and thank god this time all was ok.
    This probably has todo with the fact that somebody (Chris?) had cleaned my
    So Chris, the problem somehow had todo with the fact that the Blog needed to be ’emptier’ then I can empty it?
    I’m just finishing the last couple of things like changing url’s for youtubes en some faulty paths, other then that it’s fine now.

    Still, there’s yet 1 other Blog, that also originated from Weblog which I need to download, change all (image) paths and import again.
    I’ve finally managed to get all the people in my district to the new, and this is visited very regular.
    Could we please set a day/time for this Blog to be cleaned by you, so I can export, edit and import on the same day?

    Once again, thanks for the support!



    I can completely empty out at any time, but we’ll need to receive the request from the user that owns that blog.



    Hey MacManX, that’s me, wasn’t that obvious? ;)
    But please wait, I haven’t finished tidying up my own Blog.
    Do I need to create another account here, like Zevenkamp, or can I go on using this thread?
    I’ll put in something that prooves I’m the owner of the Zevenkamp Blog.
    Also I need tp put out some stories and warn them about this upcoming ‘event’..

    But, like I said, please wait until say the word.
    Can you please tell me the time difference between the Netherlands and where you reside,
    Talk to you later,


    Staff is not connected to the leograper username. We’ll need a confirmation from the owner of that blog before we can empty it.

    If you’re the owner of the blog, can you log into the username connected to that site and comment on this thread?

    We’re located all over the world, so the time difference depends on who you’re talking with at the time :)



    Hello Evarlese,

    I left an article on the Blog at:

    Will get back here, like I said in the article, Firday, when I’ve exported the articles.

    Thanks in advance,
    Leo Graper.



    I also added myself to the list of people as Admin, so you are sure over there…


    Howdy, okay I see your username added there as an admin now. When you’d like us to empty the blog just reply to this thread and mention the URL of the site you’d like to empty. Thanks!



    Ok Andrew, Evarlese, Macmanx and Chrisrudzki, in reversed order:
    Clean up my act please.
    I’m in the process of downloading all necessary files from my former platform and uploading them to my own domain.
    Will start editing soon to change all the paths.
    So, whoever has got the time and spirit; please clean so I can import them again today or tomorrow.

    May I take the opportunity to thank you all (much better service then Weblog!) and wish you all happy holidays and all the luck and health in 2012!


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