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Import/ Export Between WordPress Versions

  1. Hello, I just installed WordPress v2.06 on my own server. Is there a way to import/ transfer the ENTIRE blog (posts, settings, categories etc.) from the blogs I have registered here?
    I tried using the rss import but it throws everything out of whack (e.g. empty named categories,the pages are end up as posts) There isn't any import from WordPress option either.
    [ I also tried most of the offline publishing software mentioned from the previous post; Blogdesk & Qumana seemed to work the best for me but couldn't either to do this either]
    - tips, help, suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. I'll leave it to you to locate the instructions in the FAQs.
    Below is the link to a resource that myself, sunburntkamel and britgirl put together. This may be helpful.

  3. timetheif, thanks for the reply & link - check's in the mail.
    The categories & posts were imported fine but the videos don't appear, only the link code. (e.g. [youtube=...]) I tried different themes change...any ideas why?


  4. No, I'm sorry I have no solutions. Have you tried the forum search box? I believe boles provided a lot of information there when he made the move from to

  5. You can't post a YouTube video in self-hosted WordPress blogs by using that unique code. It absolutely only works here. You need to go to the YouTube page for that video and get the embed code. Then paste it in using the HTML editor and you're done. Unfortunately, you'll have to do the change manually for each one.

  6. Thanks raincoaster
    ... groan I feel for you carlman :(

  7. You may also need to put in a video plugin into your 2.0.6 install. You can find links to many plugins here. I normally recommend WP-ExtremeVideo.


  8. Thanks, strange behavior - didn't work just by pasting in the embedded code..I got it to work but will check out that plugin.
    Now I need to figure out how to export/ import the blogroll & links..Wasn't that a recent topic here? Again I'm new to blogging & don't understand much about it.
    Thanks, Carl

  9. drmike, I don't see WP-ExtremeVideo at that page; do you mean 'WordPress Video Plugin'?


  10. TT gave the link to it a post up. :)

  11. Thanks timethief, drmike, raincoaster; got the link. On YouTube the plugin seems to have an issue with cropping out the rightside of the player & uses a white frame around it.
    Haven't tried Google or any others, I'll read his blog- I know this is still in beta...

    timethief: what happened to your other post on importing
    blogroll/ links?


  12. Oh, sorry about that. Youtube expanded the width of their viewer a few months ago. You have to go into the code and add some pixels to the width within the youtube code.

    It's been in beta for eons. I actually made a hack of it that leads to a download site myself. :whistle:

  13. The plugin was doing bizarre things so I deactvated it. I posted 2 different blogs with 2 different videos/ codes. Every time I posted the 2nd blog ( with the right code- refresh each visit ) it would change my previous blog to that video! I did this 4-5 times plus posted new & separate blogs of each - same thing.
    Also copy/ paste in the html WP browser won't work. I have to use BlogDesk & enter the code to that html box..That seems to be the easiest way for the moment until I figure out something else or what I have screwed up.


  14. @carlman
    Below is the link to a resource that myself, sunburntkamel and britgirl put together. It covers importing of your blogroll in it and here is where you'll find it.

  15. timethief, sounds very confusing but will try it at some point.
    Great page & info there too.

  16. @carlman
    It's a step by step thing and you have been at this all day solving issues on many fronts. My best advice is to take a breather before you come at it again and to just focus on one thing at a time.

    For reference:
    You can export the contents of your blog (posts, comments, categories) in the form of an xml file to your desktop and then import the xml file into the other blog site.

    The blogroll links must be separately exported and re-categorized. That means you will have to re-assign them to each link but it's better than copying and pasting those links yet again. :)

    "Quick note about the blogroll. The OPML format doesn't support categories even though they'll be there when you do the export. Best bet would be to assign the major category for them when you go to import them as you're going to have to reassign them afterwards anyway." (drmike on the forum)

    Blogroll- If you had links, you can export them out at
    `http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php' to your desktop (you must change "my domain" to your own url, of course.)

    Open that exported blogroll (links) xml file in a plain text editor like NotePad and save as a *.txt file. Be sure you are using a plain ext editor and then import the *.txt file you saved into your new blog at dashboard -> blogroll -> import Links.

    Important Note: The blogroll (links) xml file needs to be saved as a *.txt doc in a plain text editor like Notepad. This is because if you were to save it as a text rich text document using for example Microsoft Wordpad or Word (horrors!) those programs would add in all kinds of garbage like fonts and unusual html formatting code that mess will it up.

  17. Good news for those copying a blogroll between WordPress blogs! The import function allows from import from an OPML URL. If you put in "http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php" (changing "mydomain.tld" to your own URL for the blog you want to copy from, the copy happens directly without having to export to a text file!

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