Import facebook status and posted items into WordPress?

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    Hey everyone. I’m just trying to find a way to import my facebook status and facebook posted items into my free WordPress blog. Any idea how to do that? I’ve tried the “RSS” widget but every time I go to look at my wordpress web page I don’t see the posted items updated. I still can’t even find a feed for my facebook status. Please help!!!



    I have tried and tried but there is no way to do this. For one thing; Facebook information is protected and you have to sign in to see it. For another: disables autoposted material except in the RSS widget, as you probably already know. Instead, you can sign up for Twitter, get Twitter to update your Facebook status, AND import your Twitter feed into an RSS widget.

    As for posted items, I use the Share on Facebook button as a sort of bookmark and then just go back and sift through everything there like it’s notes while I write my posts in, having two tabs open. Not a perfect system but as long as Facebook even PRETENDS to protect your privacy and be members-only, it’s the only option.

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