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Import fail: Invalid WXR File

  1. I wanted to import all my content from my blog to the new blog on However, a error occurred which said my file is invalid.
    The file is exported from Tools>Export and it is a xml file. I didn't open or edit it before upload. How come I can't import the content?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What version of the wordpress.ORG software is on the other blog?

  3. 3.1.1
    Must the versions the same?

  4. The versions need not be the same, but it's possible that an old version of the exporter could have been problematic. Can you double-check that the end of your export file didn't get lopped off? The last line should be:


    If your export was very large, it's possible that your server choked and delivered only part of it. If you know you have a lost of posts, please try breaking the export into a few parts by selecting date ranges, categories, etc., and see if that helps. Also, it's a good idea to purge spam comments before exporting, as they only bloat the file. If all of those things fail, please open a support ticket to request further staff help.

  5. It ends with </rss>. I Tried to import only the pages but it still failed

  6. Since my suggestions didn't work out, please do open a support ticket if you haven't already, and one of our staffers can try to give you a hand. Thanks!

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