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Import file not changing Image Links.

  1. I downloaded the export xml file of my blog, and did a find/replace of the image links since I am moving hosts. When I upload the new xml the links do not change.

    Any help please.
    Blog url:

  2. Are you moving from a blog to a self-hosted blog?

    If so, what are the URLs of the two blogs?

  3. i am not. i am exporting

    then performing a search and replace of IE:

    replacing that with a new image location

    and when I upload the exported xml into the same blog, it does not change the links.

  4. The importer will not replace or duplicate existing posts. You would need to completely empty out your blog to do what you want.

    I can do that for you, but please not that this is permanent and cannot be undone.

    Would you like me to do that?

  5. I see. Will permanently removing all current posts and content reset the stats? the comments are backed up within the xml file so I am not so much worried about those, as I am the stats and such.

  6. It will reset your stats, as the posts will be imported with new IDs.

  7. then there is no way to do a search and replace of the image links in the current files so that stats wont be lost? other than one-by-one page editing?

  8. Yes, that is correct.

  9. I am seriously considering this option... but is there anyway to backup or save stats so that they can be referred to after they are gone?

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