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    I am so frustrated by this import mechanism from Blogger.

    At first it kept restarting and restarting all night.

    I left the laptop on overnight, and the next morning i see it still keep on restarting.

    Ok fine. I thought that’s the most of it.

    Then checking into my blogger account – the template is damaged! Thank God I backed up the template and I am restoring whatever can be save.

    Conclusion: It’s bad enough WordPress can’t import my posts from Blogger, and now it’s damaging my blogger template?

    Am I the only one who’s facing this problem or is there anyone else?



    News: Restoring the template doesn’t make any difference to my posts.

    The posts are like deranged, disturbed. There are no spaces, and breaks (br), or (p), the sentences are joined and the allignments corrupted.



    The message from the importer also says:

    “Request Timeout

    This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase ‘Connection Timeout’. “

    How exactly do you “increase connection timeout”? But as far as I know that’s beyond my power – it is said that the administrator must do that.



    Sounds like the Blogger server is timing out. Not a whole lot you can do about that.



    I imported a couple of dozen posts from Blogger to WordPress. This is why I did so and it is what I experienced at Blogger.
    (1) It took forever and a day for the posts and the edits I made to show up on Blogger. I kept getting phonecalls from people who were waiting for them to appear and when they didn’t they called and requested email transfers instead. This defeated the purpose of having a blog which was to reduce phonecalls and emails.
    (2) I opened a WordPress account and used the import function to transfer published posts from Blogger with zero problems. However, the draft posts (2 dozen) did not import.
    (3) Until yesterday I had been trying to publish drafts on Blogger and import them to WordPress. The time it took for them to be displayed on Blogger was up to 2 hours and I was not a happy camper.
    (4) I placed a new post on my Blogger account yesterday it was an annoucnement complaining about the time it took for posts and edits to appear and directing people to my two WordPress blogs. Fifty minutes later the announcement appeared.
    (5) So I logged into my Blogger account and published a news release. Curiously it appeared immediately. I deleted it. It disappeared immediately. I posted the news release again it appeared immediately again. I deleted another post and then re-posted it again as a new post and zoom it was there immediately.
    (6) I’m currently copying, then cut and pasting my draft posts from Blogger into my WordPress blogs because they appear on WordPress instantaneously.
    (7) If you become a squeaky wheel that posts unhappy announcements on your Blogger blog directing them to your WordPress blogs suddenly you get better turnaround time hmmmmm … isn’t that interesting?



    I totally agree with you timethief.

    And doesn’t it seems odd too that Blogger seems to be noticing all these “import stealing” and they kinda punished us by corrupting our template?

    Don’t tell me to backup and restore, I already did. The entry is still jumbled up even after I restored my template.


    It’s true that people say good things never come easy.

    WordPress is too good to be true I guess. The import thingy, I mean. :p

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