Import from Blogger failed (titles only)

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    Hello. I have just imported posts from Blogger following the procedure correctly to the best of my knowledge, and unfortunately everything I imported from Blogger, posts and comments, currently appear on WordPress without content or paragraphs, and only with titles and names. I have used both, the “import” button and also the upload XML file feature. I also have the option of WP automatically correcting XHTML code ticked.

    I have not bought upgrades on WP, and WordPress staff currently are swamped and unable to provide support for those who haven’t bought upgrades. Is anyone on the forums able to help with this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh, I should add that I have already tried the “Clear all information” button, then even tried the “Reset importer” button, but when I initiated the importing process one more time, the blue Posts and Comments bars were still full. However, the “Import” button was available (instead of “Set Authors” button), which allowed to click Import again anyway. The same results remain unfortunately: only titles without actual content.

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