import from blogger mark labels as categories, not tags

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    I have just imported my blog from herre: to here:
    As you can see the blogger labels have been imported like categories, here.
    Now, it seeems that wordpress does not make any distinction between categories and tags anymore, at a certain level, in fact the link always bring you to But now I have a lot of categories which i do not want to have and there will be confusion between old labels/categories and new tags I will use.

    Any idea? Thanls.



    Until very recently, wordpress only supported categories and not tags (though it was really the same thing). Now wordpress supports both.

    The only way to get rid of all the categories and convert them to tags is to manually edit each blog post and then uncheck the categories, and add them in the tag field below the text window.

    Hope that helps,

    – Biyang Hansen



    It is a solution… but not a good one :)
    I will see what to do, anyway, developers could consider to change the import script and associate blogger labels to tags, not categories.


    That’s a good point. With tags having been just recently introduced here at, they probably have not had a chance to get to that (or it may not have yet occurred to them). You might think about sending that feature request into



    Well… I am confused but I cannot find a place where to submit a bug or contato support. This seems closed permanently…



    No. contact-support isn’t closed permanently.

    Normal support hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5PM PDT

    Just be patient. :)

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