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import from blogger not successful

  1. i have imported our blog from blogger, but only get the titles of the posts, no content, no media.

    now i want to delete all this content again, as it is pretty worthless when there are only post titles and no content.

    will make a new attempt at importing, but first need to remove what was imported now.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where are you importing from?

  3. Hi Jajosonn,
    I'm importing from Blogger :
    I've managed to manually delete all content now, so that's ok. But of course would like to be able to get the import right this time...
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. let me try to import once more - just a sec.

  5. ok, i think deleting them manually was not a good idea.
    just did the import again, but 0 posts visible (except for in my trash since I deleted the first imports...)

    I'm guessing that since i already imported them once and just deleted manually, the tool probably registers it as duplicate imports and therefore skips them..?

  6. ok, some more searching revealed that content needs to be cleared by wordpress from our site and then I need to upload via the blogger export file.

    can you please delete all content of ?


  7. No, I think that the tool cannot recognize a duplicate import and it should import the contents no matter how many times you import it.

  8. Sorry, i am not an administrator here, i'm just another member.

  9. I suppose you can do that on your own, being the administrator of

  10. nope, a happiness engineer from wordpress has to do it.
    but thanks anyway :)

  11. Oh no, i'm wrong. A happiness engineer can empty the content of your site. Just wait until a happiness engineer sees this post.

  12. You can always try using a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome. Sometimes that makes a difference.

    Otherwise, this thread has been tagged for Staff attention, so they should be able to assist you, since they have before with this same issue.

  13. Hi there,

    I'm guessing that since i already imported them once and just deleted manually, the tool probably registers it as duplicate imports and therefore skips them..?

    That's correct. Even if the previously imported posts are in the Trash, the importer will not reimport them, to avoid duplicates.

    I've gone ahead and emptied your site so you can try again. I also cleared the importer, which had an another import pending.

    If the new import doesn't go right, would you let me know before trashing the posts again? I'll be glad to have a look. I may ask you to send me your import file at that point so I can do some tests. Thanks!

  14. Haha. I'm really wrong. I'm used of the self-installed wordpress.

  15. Hi kathrynwp,
    thanks so much ! - will try again.

  16. Ok Kathryn, i've uploaded it again now with the blogger file.
    hope it works this time - will you let me know on which mail i can send the import file to you if it would be necessary?
    I'll check back again in a couple of hours to see if it uploaded successfully.

  17. Hi there, I'm going to send you an email so you can reply with your export file - please look out for it.

  18. I received the file, thank you. While I was able to import it into a test site, the import into isn't working.

    I'm going to ask our developers to take a look at this so we can find a solution for you. I'll keep you posted here.

  19. Our developers were able to import your content into your site. Happy blogging.

  20. thanks !

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