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import from blogger only categories and titles, no posts or comments

  1. after importing twice from blogger both times the comments and post body text was not there. The import showed both times that it had downloaded all posts/comments, only when import was finished it showed both times that it downloaded 729/728 posts. I went through and hand-deleted every blank post twice. Now what? it's clearly not working to import and I don't want to have to redelete all the posts by hand again. help please. - thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll need to empty the blog so you can try again.

    Did you only have imported posts at ?

  3. nope, I've been posting since then. is there any way to fix it without me losing all my most current posts on wordpress?

  4. is that not possible?

  5. Well, sort of. We can run an import on your old blog (it needs to be active to pull in the images, I believe), but it will re-import EVERYTHING again, so you will end up with duplicates.

    This isn't a perfect solution, and I do apologize. Is this something you'd like us to work through together on?

  6. well I stopped blogging on my old blog when I moved to wordpress, so importing posts from my old blog is no problem, but I just wanted to be sure that I didn't lose my posts on wordpress when I import the old blog stuff.

    I'm all game for importing the old (but still an active account) blog posts/pictures onto the new wordpress. =)

  7. When you were importing before, did you import an XML file, or did you import using the wizard?

    If you were using the wizard (where you authorize WordPress to contact your Blogger account), there may have been an issue with the upload, and using the XML file may be smoother.

    So if you WEREN'T using an XML file, the first thing we'll do is have you export one. Once you have it ready, we'll switch to a private support ticket so that we can exchange files without compromising your blog.

  8. I actuall had tried both methods and both had failed. I authorized wordpress to contact my blogger account. But I am more than willing to try again.

    The last time I tried the wizard first and then had to delete each post by hand (I have posts since 2005) b/c of the fluke.

    Then I switched to my husband's windows 7 computer (wondering if my Linex system was the problem) exported my blog, saved it on my desktop and tried to import form that XML file. And It resulted in the same deleting of each post, which only came through with title and category but no content, a second time.

    Feeling I had wasted hours of my life, I decided it was time for some extra help.

    So did you want me to export my blog to an XML file again? Or since I have not used my blog after exporting the file that's still on my desktop, is the file on my desktop ok?

  9. I'd download a fresh file, just in case there was some kind of funky issue exporting the XML file.

    In the meantime, I'll switch you to a support ticket. Expect an email!

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