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    i suppose you know that blogsource is closing down.
    I fount it best idea to create a new blog at wordpress.
    Do you know how to import my older posts in blogsource
    to wordpress?



    never heard of them actually.

    What export options do you have over there?



    They have rss feeds but I can’t find anything on exporting.


    there is no sub-topic “export” in the “manage” topic
    the only opportunity they give for data transfer is in
    and i didn’t signed in there



    How many post do you have at BlogSource?
    Do you have back-up copies of the posts in another format?



    Probably going to be copy and paste then I’m afraid.


    i have 45 posts and i’m about to copy them in a word-doc format.
    Any recomendations?



    Don’t put them into a word doc. I’d use notepad myself. Else you’re going to get stuck with weird formatting.


    Copy and paste them in wordpress. Ok.
    But what about previous dates.
    Can i post something puting a date that is allready past?



    When you bring up the Dashboard -> Write -> Post page, there’s a tab along het right hand side labeled Post Timestamp or something simular. Use that.



    Just to throw in some info, you do relise that BlogSource ISN’T closing down, all they’ve done is rebuild the site from the ground up. Blogs are being moved over to LiveDigital and you should (atleast according to them) be able to carry on with the new LiveDigital version of your blog.

    Though i have to admit they arent exactly the best looking blogs in the world lol


    Thanks for everything.
    I’ll start working now!


    Yep, i got “upgraded” from blogsource to livedigital, and it’s been a royal pain in the butt! LIvedigital takes hours to load on my linux/DSL setup, and the “post” page invariably comes up with an incomprehensible (to me) error message, which their “support” has never gotten back to me about, after months of questions and, ultimately, complaints. Furthermore, the only “comments” my site has garnered there have not been germane to what i was writing, just people spamming me to promote their own blogs. So far, wordpress seems a lot more user-friendly.


    i just found that if i save open office documents as “text document templates” (stw suffix) i don’t have to reinsert all my links. YAY!!!!

    thanks for the hints….

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