Import from existing self-hosted wordpress, but file size > 15M

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    My WP export XML file is over 40M (lot of posts..)

    Are there any way to get rid of this limitation? I want to migrate to



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    This is not related to my blog, but just want to know if anything can get rid of the limitation, thanks.



    You have three gigs of storage here. What uploads do you have that are that big?


    If you still have access to the self-hosted site, and it is on a later version of wordpress, you can export by date ranges so as to stay under the limit.

    You can also contact staff directly to see if they are able to import it for you and bypass the limit.



    @raincoaster: Mainly text contents..

    @thesacredpath, I am using 3.3.1, but can’t fnd the date range selection under the path: wp-admin/export.php


    If you click “posts” the other selections will appear where you can choose different ways to export things. Same with “pages.”



    TEXT? What kind of text files are 15 meg in size?

    You have 3G of storage here. Text does not count. Text does not subtract from this. I cannot even imagine a text file of that size.



    @raincoaster – my blog, and then not all of it, is over 8Mg in Word – which is bigger than a text file of the same I know.



    The problem isn’t with storage, it’s with the import script’s ability to process a file of that size without timing out.

    If I had an export file that bloated, though, the first thing I would do is check that there weren’t any spam comments lurking in there.




    Thanks, I can see the date selection now.

    Just one more question: since my posts also contains images, if I pack all the content as ONE XML dump, would also migrate the image for me (e.g. fetch the images files, attach to the post by rewriting URLs)

    If now I split into two XML files, how to have the same result.

    Thanks again!!!

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