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    I’ve had it with and have decided to move my blog to Anyone know how I can import my blog entries from iblogs to here?



    I’ve never heard of iblogs and I assume the reason no one has answered you is probably the same.
    Could you please provide a link to iblogs?
    Have you checked to see if the FAQs at iblogs has any information regarding export and import of blogs?
    Do iblogs blogs have rss feeds?


    Yeah, I get that a lot. iblogs isn’t very popular, and I now I know why.
    Its site is located at– but it is down right now.
    No, they don’t have any information on their site (when you can reach it) about how to export blogs. I tried to reach them and ask that question (and others about the service) and haven’t been able to.

    As to RSS? I’m just blog-literate enough to be dangerous. I don’t know what RSS is.
    Sorry. Thanks for trying to help.



    I went to the site too and its definitely down. Loosely speaking an rss feed is a way that readers can get a copy of what you post on your blog. For example I subscribe to my own and that way I have a back-up copy of every post I make.

    My recommendation at this point would be to set up your new blog here and get busy writing content. In time hopefully you may be able to import your content out of the other site. But don’t get hung-up get busy instead [she said with a grin]:)

    This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources. This will help you set up and configure your widgets.
    Happy Blogging!



    What export methods do they have?



    You can’t get any info from them at all – I tried. The site is down and the blogger here didn’t know.


    The blog from iblogs just went back up. I think the site is hosted on a server in Brigadoon. I’m trying to find an export method before it disappears again.
    Thanks for looking on this end. If other people find something while the mysterious site is up, please let me know.


    At the bottom of the old blog on iblogs, I found something new.
    It says, “Syndicate entries using RSS (Posts) or RSS (Comments) or Add to my Yahoo!”
    The RSS (Posts), RSS (Comments), and Add to my Yahoo! are all hyperlinks to something.

    Is this something of possible use?



    I think your best route to take is to send in a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread. The button is on the top right hand corners of any blog page. :)



    See if you can do anything with this method.




    So, the people who run also ran So will the people who run please answer us, huh? I want my material back from and I want to import it here! I stupidly only saved a few of my blogs. I wish I had thought about this before.



    So, the people who run also ran

    Um, no. That’s not correct.

    There’s a couple of solutions posted up above. You may want to check them out.


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