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Import from posterous

  1. When I'm trying to Import from posterous following the documentation: I try to upload the "wordpress_export_1.xml"-file the Result is: "Could not read the XML file. Please make sure you are uploading a valid .xml or .xml.gz file. For more info, please see our documentation."
    What can I do?

    [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you cannot find what you need here then you will need Staff help. I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up.

  3. Thank you!

    Aditional information: filesize of "wordpress_export_1.xml" = 2,20 MB (2.315.504 Bytes).

    Where can I mail this file to?


  4. I found a description of an alternative way to import <;
    but where is the Point 3. ?

  5. Evidently they've changed it, and replaced it with the current import function (the one everyone's having trouble with). So I'd say it's not an "alternative" way to import -- it's the previous way.

  6. Same problem here. Tried many, many things.

  7. Hi there, several other users reported issues when importing a Posterous XML backup file. It appears to be an issue with the backup file, rather than with the WordPress importer. Our developers are looking into it and we will update this thread as we have more news (it might take a while). Thanks for your patience!

  8. Hi all, since my last update, Posterous developers made some changes to the export tool, and our developers tweaked our importer.

    Please download the latest version of the Posterous backup and try the import again. For your reference, import instructions are here:

    If you run into any issues, please let me know!

  9. Hi jenia, hi unknown Posterous developers,

    now importing went well! Thanks! The only Problem is, that all the german "Umlaute" like ä ö ü or ß are represented with 2 questionmarks.

  10. Same here: all French accented characters (é, è, ê, ë, à, ï, ç ...) are replaced by double question marks, so there is no way to find/change them. It seems to be coming from the Posterous export because when I inspect the XML file I download from Posterous, the "??" are already there. So disappointing...

  11. cubusregio, simonvx-

    I got an email this weekend from Posterous saying they've fixed the bug and to generate a new backup from Posterous and look at that. So I did. But unfortunately, I'm still getting question marks for all accented, umlauted, Hawaiian and Japanese characters. I wonder if it'd work for you though?


  12. s4xton, simonvx, cubusregio: I emailed you three directly so that we can get the files and look at the details. Please respond to that email whenever convenient, thanks!

  13. Same problem here, the German umlauts »ä«, »ö«, »ü« are replaced with »??«. I just requested the export from posterous and the ? are directly in the .xml file. Interestingly the single posts are fine, it just happenes in the combined xml.

  14. If you don't mind, try requesting the export file one more time at the end of the day today or tomorrow morning. I don't think they would have fixed it over the weekend, more than likely they'll have it fixed up today.

    If it's still bad by tomorrow morning, please let us know, there may be something we can poke with a sharp stick.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  15. Ah, sure, no problem. It is not time critical, I just thought that the problem was already fixed in some cases but remained in others (like the German umlauts).

    I will try again tomorror or the day after tomorrow and will let you know. Thanks for your support!

  16. You're welcome!

    Please let us know how that goes!

  17. Ok, something has changed: instead of '??' now I get just one '?'. The problem remains the same though: All umlauts and the 'ß' are not there anymore (even with other encoding settings of the text editor).

  18. The issue is definitely on Posterous's end.

    The error is actually in the file itself, and we can only import what they give us. I heard yesterday afternoon that they were working on this, but they gave no estimate on when it would be fixed.

  19. Ok, thank you so far! We'll see, how this turns out.

  20. You're welcome!

  21. By the way: the problem is fixed for me now.

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