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Import from RSS??

  1. I think it's more important than from blogger and MT ...

  2. I agree.

  3. Suggestion - Submit a feedback. it's been mentioned that the staff keeps tally on those to see what is needed.

    I agree as well but I like seeing that the importing is done as well. :)

  4. drmike (and other admins)

    can you comment on where in your priority list is this RSS import functionality?. Your note to submit a feedback is well taken and has been acted upon. Somewhat understandable that I never got any response to a few of my "feedbacks" & so it is hard to gauge what's going on. Consider this as a nag, request, plead, rant etc..But having a way to import my blog from is what's stopping us from using this service.

    I would assume you want bloggers to come and use this(your) service. May be it is only geared for "new" bloggers and you dont care much for existing bloggers who want to migrate to your service. Say it if that's the case or Say it ain't so...

    tia for the patience and reading this far :)


  5. it is already kinda FAQ now.

    if you need to import stuff from RSS feed search forums on 'RSS2MT' subject.

    I've already happened to make a detailed description once on this topic.

  6. Note that I'm adding this to the FAQ today once I find that walk through that someone wrote up.

    Not that anyone reads it though....

  7. drmike can't comment on the priority being given to this feature because he has nothing to do with the tech side. The same goes for most of the other regulars around here. I'm sorry to keep repeating this, but feedback is the only sure way of making sure your comments reach the guys who actually run; and no, you probably won't get a personal response, but they do claim to see them all.

    Personally I would be pretty surprised if RSS import were enabled, but what do I know?

  8. drmike: Not that anyone reads it though....

    he-he... definitely, forum's front page needs this <h1>Read This Pretty FAQ</h1> first.

    wank: Personally I would be pretty surprised if RSS import were enabled

    me wouldn't too much, really, but just curious why would you?

  9. Thanks for the update. I presumed (wrongly) that the admins here have more knowledge on project status than members.

    W/regards to importing from RSS, may be I am missing something here - why would you be surprised if RSS import is enabled ? Instead of concentrating on blog-specific import methods, wouldn't RSS import be the MOST useful to the MOST # of users ?

    options's point is very basic and something that should have been done already - HAVE a FAQ on the forum's page - front and center - Particularly when for I would have to search for RSS2MT, instead of common search terms like "import", "export" etc.. (I mean, if I have nothing to do with MT, why would I think of searching for it...)

    And a BIG Thank you for showing me the link to RSS2MT. Rest assured, I will trying it out..


  10. admins (or to be correct developers) have a "Key Master" link title to their profile.

    now you may want to try on search forum usability

    I'll be glad if this info will be useful in the new blog import procedure -- "the more, the merrier" ;-)

    sometimes works.

  11. options

    no dice.

    Unfortunately, that util did not work.

    a) submitted the form using my feed URL, saved the page as feed.txt

    b) select MT from the import tab in wp-admin and hit submit.

    Two results on multiple tries
    a) Blank screen
    b) Incomplete HTML source as the page itself. The page started with
    "// addLoadEvent from admin-header
    addLoadEvent( setup_feedback );

    var ajaxFeedback = new sack();

    function show_feedback_form() {
    var feedbackform = document.getElementById( 'new-feedback' );'';
    function hide_feedback_form() {
    var feedbackform = document.getElementById( 'new-feedback' );'none';"

    in both cases, no posts got imported (looked in "Manage" tab)

  12. it works. seems you fed it up with just *home page* of your blog instead of RSS feed.

    right URI:

    anyway, I've managed to import some posts of the '' user (aka see: this post on my blog since I added this user as a 'contributer' for test purpouses.

  13. Reason I'd be surprised if RSS import were enabled? Simple -- RSS feeds are the easiest way for sploggers to steal other people's content and reproduce it on multiple blogs. Much quicker than cutting and pasting, at any rate.

  14. [aside] for *unskilled* sploggers

  15. well, yeah, it goes without saying that these would not exactly be the cleverest sploggers in the world, after all they'd be setting up on a host which doesn't even allow adsense...

  16. that's it ;-)

  17. options

    I *was* trying the feed URL. I tried both RSS 0.92 and RSS versions of it. It does not work. For the sake of testing, I even tried "importing" your own blog.. still the same result.. the URI I used is and

    same error as above.


    step 1

    step 2 (and the issue)

  18. indeed, seems like MT importer is broken now (it did worked).

    rise a FeedBack issue.

    oh, wait. look this:

  19. how did u do that ?

    still does not work for me. Firefox on Mac OS X

  20. Ok - this is wierd. stuff "kinda" works using Safari on Mac OS X. The screenshot is here

  21. I get the same crap. just continued the process (choose a user and so on).

    it is broken now. feedback.

  22. yup... already did.

  23. wish you g'l :-)

    this 'quips' xmlhttp thingy is a bit messy -- refreshing browser's window every second -- had to turn JS off completely (white list only).

  24. oops. sorry about that. never got around to whacking it. However - it does not refresh the browser window - the whole point behind XMLHTTP.. which browser are you using ?

  25. links. (pun intended ;)

    sorry for have started this -- guess, we'd better take this somewhere off this forum, ok ;-)

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