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    I have a self-hosted blog ( and I no longer want to pay for that service so I’m just going to stick with a simpler blog ( I was able to use the Tools > Export / Import functions to import all my posts to the blog BUT all my photos are linked to self-hosted site still. All the photos are in the Media folder on the new site but they just aren’t attached to the new posts.

    I have 488 photos, any way to link these to the existing posts quickly or do I have to just go through and re-attach them one by one?

    The blog I need help with is




    Thanks for the reply. I’ll check that out.

    I’ve actually noticed now of the 488 photos, only 21 of the photos are not attached to my latest post. I think I’ll be able to easily reattach these. Glad it’s not all 488.



    I find when I move a site from a folder into the root of the same hosted account that it will also break all the pictures and linked files and even the design, because of the folder name is still in the url references for these files. I fix this by manually removing the folder reference (eg in a page or post, going to HTML view, etc), or by downloading a copy of the database and doing a search and replace in a text editor to remove the folder reference – be careful with this and keep a backup of the backup.

    What I’m saying is you may need to correct the url that your WordPress site is using to try to find these files (change it from the old hosted url to the new hosted url).



    CYbermike, I’m right with you. I ended up using find/replace in text editor for those remaining pictures.

    I think what happened is I jumped the gun before the new wordpress had fully imported. So I may have interrupted it and stopped it from finishing. All in all it worked out.

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