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Import from Typepad : 24 h and nothing ...

  1. It's been 24 h of trying to import from my typepad blog and it still doesn't work ?
    white screen in Import zone, as if nothing was happening
    Blog url:

  2. Is it a large blog? Sometimes the importer chokes on big ones, and it's better if you can break the feed up by date or by category.

  3. Thanks for this answer
    in fact I guess it's not so big
    the file exported from Typepad is just 2,2 mo ( I was surprised by how little, the blog was open 4 years ago )

  4. @emmaidead: I've reset your importer, could you please try re-importing again?

    Note that images and uploaded files hosted on your Typepad blog will not be imported unless you have a paid plan with Typepad. Please see the support article from Typepad for more information:

  5. Thanks Jenia ! I'll try again. Yes I had a paid Typepad.

  6. so weird... I did it again , received a "successfull message " and then... nothing on the WPblog

    Your Movable Type import was successful.

    Happy Blogging!

    -- the team

  7. Hi Emmanuelle, I sent you an email to follow up on this, please reply when convenient so that I can take a look into your export file. Thanks!

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