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    I’m trying to import my stuff from typepad. I received an email saying my “Movable Type import was successful”, but nothing is displayed on my wordpress blog…
    Any suggestion ?
    Thanks !

    The blog I need help with is



    I can see a couple of attempted imports, and then it looks like you may have deleted a number of images. Does this sound correct?

    Could you link me to your original blog (if it’s still visible)? Also, how large is your Typepad export file?

    If you have access to a Dropbox or similar file sharing service, you can upload your export file for me, and I can try to do the import on my end as well. Please let me know.



    The most common reason for half-imports is hitting a memory or PHP execution time limit with your host. If you are using cheap shared hosting, you may not be able to adjust these values or they may be capped at very low levels even if they are adjustable.

    We run into this quite often with customers using our TypePad to WordPress conversion service ( We often get around these limits by running WordPress on local machine and then uploading the resulting /wp-content folder and the MySQL database. This way you can do the import using MAMP or equivalent local server that essentially has no limits.

    Are you getting the confirmation message at the end of your import?

    Also, I would recommend deleting your previous import data if you retry the import so that you make sure all URLS are rewritten and the import is otherwise clean and complete.

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