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Import from typepad - questions

  1. About to switch from typepad to wp. Have imported posts and comments and am happy to find that all external links seem ok. My questions:

    1. The dates have all changed (I´m back in 1970!). How do I fix that? (And how do I include posting time, not only date?)

    2. Most images and videos seem to have been transfered, but not all. How do I get the missing ones (manually?)?

    3. Internal links still go to typepad. How do I get them to "stay in their new home" (also manually?)?

    Best regards
    Sven Cahling

  2. Afraid I can only help you with #3: you will have to change them all by hand, probably by using the blogsearch for the titles of the old posts you were linking to. As far as I know there's no automated way to search for that.

  3. I've done the switch from to, so I may be able to help you. As As to # 2, all images and videos have most likely NOT transferred, although it looks like it. If you check the URL, it is most likely still pointing to TypePad. You need to save the images to your computer, delete them from your WordPress blog and then reinsert upload them into WordPress from your computer. That is unless you still intend to keep your TypePad blog, then it doesn't matter. If you intend to close your TypePad account altogether you MUST manually insert all images and videos into your WordPress blog again. I see you are using YouTube on your TypePad blog. TypePad uses "embed" for that, WordPress can not, you need to insert the videos again, manually, using the "Add Video" function on your editor toolbar.
    As to #1, I have no clue. I would simply delete all imported posts and try again, maybe using a different theme. That's something I've never come across and I've imported back and forth to and from WordPress and TypePad many times.

  4. Thanks raincoaster and husdal (only saw your replies today),

    Dates: I might do that, and try again, although I liked that theme......

    Images/videos: I don´t understand. With a few exeptions they really seem to have been transfered properly, and to be working. Are they really not?

  5. If they're working, that's a plus. We used to have to use custom shortcodes here to embed things. Maybe is ahead of us and we just haven't gotten the memo.

    Is there any commonality between the videos that aren't working? Like the type of video?

    You can see the FAQ for instructions on putting the various types of media in here. If all else fails, use the Vodpod widget or button (from I swear to god, you could embed a live cow in your blog with that thing.

  6. I would be amazed if the videos are working. They certainly did not last time I imported a TypePad blog to WordPress a few weeks ago. Well, those were "embedded" YouTube videos, and they definitely need the WordPress shortcode in order to work.
    About the images, have you checked which URL they are pointing to? Most likely they are still pointing to TypePad, not WordPress. Simply right-click the image and then click "Properties" to see if they really are on WordPress or TypePad.

  7. Can we get a link to your blog? I think we might be able to help better if we can see it.

  8. raincoaster,

    No, I don´t think there is any commonality, for example some (most) YouTube videos work, some don´t.

    Sure here´s the link:


    You´re right. Images point to Typepad. So, that means they´ll go blank when I shut the typepad blog, even the smaller - visible - versions? And I have to do what husdal says then?

  9. Yup, when you shut down your TypePad blog the images will go blank. It's a long and tedious process to move images over, but it has to be done.
    I don't know why your dates are all 1970, though, that's weird. But you can change those manually to whichever date they were before.

  10. The 1970 thing was a server issue, I heard a few months back. It was affecting blogs on all kinds of platforms.

    Every YouTube I can find on that blog works perfectly; can you give me a link to one that doesn't? Sometimes the video owners move them, take them down, set them to private, etc. And sometimes YouTube takes them down as well.

  11. husdal,



    for example this one:
    which still is ok in the typepad blog ( - in the latest post), but didn´t make the transfer

  12. Where on the blog should it be? What happens? Do you just get an empty space, or a YouTube that doesn't work?

    To fix it, just use the shortcode [youtube=]

  13. There´s not even an empty space. Thanks, I´ll try that.
    It´s night here, and my father-in-law is visiting, but as soon as I have the time I´ll do all these things. I´ll write again here to tell you how it went. Thanks to all of you for the help.

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