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    Originally I had my site- and uploaded lots of images that were very large before I realised that it’s best to upload smaller sized files….
    In the meantime I’ve set up my site with images being 1. my prefered resolution 2. smaller file sizes
    This site isn’t fully finished so I want to keep my site going for the moment.

    If I import my content from .org to .com-
    1. will the content in .com be OVERRIDDEN by the imported content OR added to current content?
    2. Will image resolution be kept as definded in .org or will the settings in .com apply?
    3. Presume I’ll lose any comments in .com that aren’t in .org site?
    4. Any other things worth keeping in mind.
    5. When I finally change over to .org is there a way to redirect visitors automatically from .com to .org


    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s what to do.
    Make a test blog here – dineeptestblog for instance.

    Export the .com blog and import into that test blog.
    Then import the .org blog
    And then go check just what has changed and where. It means you have each original blog there for full checking. It is the easiest way to answer the issues you have and you can be sure of a repeat result too.

    As for redirecting – if you buy the domain mapping upgrade then yes it can be done.



    I imported my .xml file from and it said sucessful but no new images are there! The xml file is only 517KB but there’s over 60 images in the site (

    What am I doing wrong?


    Images are not transferred with the XML export/import. They will have to be moved manually. Also, it is highly likely that you will have to go through and update the links in the posts with the images after they are transferred. The images will end up with a different URL (month/year).

    I don’t know of any way around this other than to keep the web host account and leave the images there and hotlink to them, and that is probably not desirable.

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