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    hi there

    I am admin of two workspaces and .
    Both have the same theme.
    I am author of all pages which are published and public and assigned to the default template.
    I export all content of X (147kB).
    I delete all pages, posts, categories, menus and media from Y.
    I import the xml to Y.
    Posts, media, categories and menu are imported.
    But only one page is imported.
    I do not see a difference within the attributes between the imported and the other pages.
    I have also tried reassigning authorship with no success.

    What could be wrong?

    thanx in advance -Didi

    PS: I was asking this before in the german forum. Zodiak1978 told me to add a tag called [modlook]. However, I did not find a place to add such :-?

    The blog I need help with is



    no idea?



    Hi Didi – Could you please provide the addresses of the two sites so I can take a look:

    • the site you’re trying to export from (X)
    • the site you’re trying to import into (Y)

    You can add tags to a forum thread in the right-hand column under Tags – not sure if you already figured that out or if someone added it for you. :-)



    I’ve added the tag for Didi. :)

    Torsten aka zodiac1978 (moderator German support forums)

    Best regards



    Thanks, Torsten. :-)



    hi Kathryn

    sorry for answering that late – it’s not missing interest.
    It’s just because of our timeshift and that I have been out of homeoffice for two days ..

    Well, I got a little bit further on that case:
    I found out that the pages were acually imported but placed into the trash.
    So I first purged all trash in X and Y.
    I also purged all content in Y
    Then I exported all from X and imported in Y.
    Now pages are there, so are posts, categories, media and the only menu.
    However, all menu entrys are missing and also the featured images are gone (well, the bindings only, the image is still in the media).

    Since I did not analyze the xml, I cannot say whether the export or the import is messing up.

    Anyhow, I got further so far – but when my blog grows it would be annoying to loose this data.

    Best regards, Didi



    Ooops, the answer to your question:

    X (source) =
    Y (destination) =



    Glad you found the pages!

    all menu entrys are missing

    Menus are not part of the content that gets carried over in the export file, so it’s normal that you would have to recreate them on the new site.

    the featured images are gone (well, the bindings only, the image is still in the media).

    Could you please provide a couple of links to posts where the featured images got erased, in the old and new sites so we can have a look?

    Did every post have a featured image?



    strange things – but positive :-)

    Well, after the import two days ago I had a look to the properties of the pages. At that point, the featured images were not shown on the propertyies of a page.
    I verified this now and it was still the same.

    Now I constructed the menu entries in Y in the same structure as in X.
    Then I went to the user’s view and clicked on those pages because I wanted to copy the URL for this post here ..
    Wonder oh wonder – the featured images appeared !?!?!

    I went back to the properties and now they also showed up there.

    Hmm, is there some explaination for that ???

    Hower, besides the menu entries now everything so far seems to work – in case one knows the trade secrets ;-)

    Thanx a lot for supporting!



    Glad things are working better now. I don’t have an explanation, but if you notice anything go missing again, please provide a link to an example post so we can take a look. Good luck!



    yep, I will do so!

    Thanx again – Didi



    My pleasure. Happy blogging!

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