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Import Images, attachments

  1. ditfdenkendorf


    I want to Import data from a site.
    Are pictures and attachments imported, too? Because in wpadmin on it's telling me:
    "Import WordPress
    Howdy! Upload your WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file and we’ll import the posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags into this site."

    So no attachments? It's written their, that attachments are imported from lots of other platform, so the only conclusion I can see is that, attachments won't work. Is this conclusion correct?
    What about pictures?
    Please add pictures in the description in:

    Thx Frank

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The media attachments are a part of the import process if you wish them to be. However, I would read some of the recent discussions on importing to as there does seem to be issues with importing.

  3. If you attempt to import attachments and it fails, please open a support ticket by filling out the form here, include a link to this forum thread, and ask that the ticket be put to my attention. I'm working on the importer, and it's possible that I could use your export file to improve matters. Thanks.

  4. @dllh-when I transferred one of my blogs to another address I have at the beginning of April, I encountered all kinds of problems. At the time I was in contact with Paolo. I also wrote up a transfer log (now a private page) which can be found on agallerydemo.

    Also, if you click on the import tag in the list on the right, you'll find more recent discussions of people with similar problems.

  5. @justjennifer I'm actually very familiar with your (very helpful) export file. I don't believe all the issues are resolved, but I think we've made strides, and I'll keep testing yours as I continue work on the importer. Thanks for speaking up.

  6. @dllh
    March 9th TSP (thescredpath) exported and imported content from my self hosted install which was being domain mapped back to
    root blog

    I had duplicated images, duplicated categories, image links that did not redirect correctly, etc. At present I have no search access in my Media Library to around 900 - 1000 images that were uploaded into the self hosted install. The images are all there in the Media Library but all the links to them in the posts are all broken. Typing in the URL for the image produces zero search results. Typing in the image titles, ALT tag and descriptions produces zero results.

    If you have a fix for this then I sure would like to fix it because it has been driving me crazy for months now.

  7. Thanks, timethief. Can you make a private ticket to my attention (point to this thread if you would) so that we can get the export file transferred to me for testing? I've got a bit of a backlog of imports I'm testing and would be glad to add yours to the heap.

  8. Done and thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  9. @dllh
    I have good news. I have now determined what has caused this. The images in the Media Library start with this date > 2009/04/06 and that's when the domain mapping was started form Previous to that the domain was being mapped from but I deleted that blog, so that's what happened re: the images. Please close my support ticket as I do not need help. .

  10. Cool, thanks for the update.

  11. I've just tried an export/import and have identified a MAJOR problem (sorry if this has already been addressed).

    If a post contains a picture gallery, the media is exported but when subsequently imported it is not marked as being attached to the post. (It is attached to "no title" instead). This seems to result in the media being duplicated many times.

    In short, if you have galleries, don't bother to export/import until this bug has been fixed.

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