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Import images from Lightroom?

  1. Lightroom supports uploading images directly to Flickr and Facebook. Is there a way to import them to a blog post in directly from Lightroom? I'm guessing not since I didn't find any info in the help files.
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  2. Can you obtain an XML export file of those images from Lightroom? If so then you can import it.

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    I don't have extensive knowledge about Lightroom but if it requires FTP access to do that, I'm afraid it's not possible in

  4. Thanks Timethief. I just started using Lightroom but it appears to me that it does it all behind the scenes. You enter your login information for the site and select the photos you want to upload to your account on that site, set any parameters (sets/keywords, etc.) for the images and click Export. To export XML files requires a plugin for Lightroom but of course that adds an extra level of work. So I'll just prepare them in Lightroom and export them as JPGs to a folder and then import in WP from that folder, like I've been doing with Photoshop.

    Thanks for the quick reply. You're always so great at responding--do you work for WordPress?

  5. I'm a Volunteer and I'm glad I was able to post something helpful. Best wishes with your blog.

  6. GREAT NEWS! I discovered that Lightroom 4 has a Export to Email feature and using WordPress's Post by Email feature I can easily send my image files directly to a new post, savings MANY steps! Yay! Lightroom will convert to sRGB, and make it the size you specify before exporting. SO COOL!

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