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Import images from the old blog to

  1. I'm having trouble bringing my blog ( to I can create "month to month" XML, but the images are still used the old domain.

    How do I import the images with the XML? I thought this process of downloading the images from the old host was automatic.

    I will transfer everything to, but I am testing the

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see 182 images in your media library for Are those the images from your old site?

    If not, are your images at currently within your media library, or did you add them through a plugin or link to them from another source?

    Is all of your other content importing okay?

  3. Downloaded 182 images ever seen. Just type icons SMILES. The central content, that the upload folder still displayed in posts with the url of


    I found the system to download images from the posts and not pictures wordpress system as smiles.

    My goal was to download the contents of the "upload" folder which is the core content of the posts.

  4. Images aren't included in an export, but instead are attachments that are fetched from the original source and uploaded that way.

    If your goal is to import all of your content from your .org site to your .com site, I can assist you with that if you upload your .xml file to a file sharing service such as Dropbox so I can access it and perform the import for you.

  5. Show me the ropes! :)

    My interest is really bring all pictures ( for service ( I imported the XML, but all photos are being called / Pulled ( ...).

    I think after host or transfer any image, the url of the images starting with, will have to be changed to (, correct?

    But I can not transfer all images to the service ""? I have to transfer to the dropbox?

  6. In theory, all of your images should be transferred and uploaded to your site as part of the import process as long as you included attachments in your original export file.

    However, if that's not working properly for you, I am happy to step in and see if I can assist with the import.

  7. I would very much this helps.

    I did not changed the XML, because I thought the system would pull the image in this post, keep on the server and change the address to the new path where the system stored.

    But that is not what happened, just downloaded the old blog's url with it when it goes down, the images will not be shown.

  8. If you chose to include all content, your images should import in. If not, I will need access to your export file in order to test it out on my end. If you can upload it somewhere like Dropbox, I can access a copy to test.

  9. Backup Full:
    Backup per month in 2014, 2013 and 2012:
    Now that you have learned with the secondary blog ( I am sending the final version, month to month, to the definitive blog ( So far everything is going as before. The XML enters but the images are being pulled from the old ( blog.

  10. jerrysarcastic

    Hi there,

    In looking at the dropbox files you have sent, it appears that what you are trying to use is a mySQL database dump, instead of the standard .xml

    However, It looks like you have attempted to import content using the importer, and from that I was able to get a copy of your export xml file.

    Aside from the images on your blog posts, are you finding any other issues here:

    Also, I noticed that you have created a second site:

    Is this just to test the import process, or do you mean to have two identical blogs?

    Thanks for the additional info!

  11. The full SQL is. (link 1)
    The file "month" was generated by wordpress. (Link2)

    I am importing "month" to ( - main.
    The other blog ( is for testing.

    The whole problem is that the images do not come from the "old blog" to "". Can you verify this by looking at the URL within the posts with images.

  12. jerrysarcastic

    Thanks. We cannot accept SQL files for imports, but it looks as if you have successfully imported all content to your main site via the XML method, and just need to fix the hyperlinks to the images and other media pointing to your old site. Is that correct?

    We can fix that. Just want to confirm that you have imported everything so that we can start fixing those links.

  13. I am finishing up sending the XMLs.
    When I finished, I notice!

  14. jerrysarcastic

    Great, please let me know when you are ready to proceed.

  15. Doubt: if I had not the images of the posts, would like to download all of my old blog? Even without ftp access?

  16. Please change all that have:


    Finished sending all internal content, photos and images.

  17. jerrysarcastic

    Great, thanks for letting me know. Since we spoke yesterday, I have noted that your media library (Media>Library) now has 1333 images. Can you confirm that these are all the images from your self-hosted WordPress site?

    If they are, we can update the permalinks in your posts to point to this set of images, and not the ones on the site you are moving away from.

    Thanks for the additional info!

  18. Correction: 3280 media. I confirm changing the url. I want to forget the old hosting and use all the images coming "".

    Please change all that have:


  19. jerrysarcastic

    We were able to find a few images that did not come over in your import (now 3,579) and re-wrote all the image links to point to the files in your library here.

    Let me know if anything is amiss, and if not, you are safe to spin down your old site and use your custom domain ( here if you wish.

    More info on how to do that here: Add a Domain

  20. Thanks for the help!
    And excuse my english, I'm using google translator!

    Last doubt, the limit of monthly transfer from my new blog? Have any restrictions? If one of my story will come out in a large news portal, the image goes down?

  21. jerrysarcastic

    No worries, and glad you are all set with your site here on

    No need to worry about traffic, I am sure we can handle it. The hosting here is very strong, so you have less to worry about than when you hosted your own site.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  22. New images sent in February and put the last backup. Needed to make the change again in the new records. Thank you.

    Please change all that have:


  23. jerrysarcastic

    I'm not sure I understand... you are still importing images? How is it that all your images from the last month do not have the correct image URL?

  24. Yes, I finished the import with the months of January and February 2014. So need your help to transform the urls of last update. The host will go off the air.

    I believe the correct change to new url is:


  25. jerrysarcastic

    Right, but that was over a month ago. Did you import new content since then? If so, why?

    Are you still posting from the old site, and trying to duplicate content here?

  26. My host ends on March 11. 2012 and 2013 initially imported, missing only in 2014 (January and February).
    Just import pictures and climb the January and February 2014. So would a new fix.

  27. jerrysarcastic

    Hi there,

    We were able to fetch some, but not all of your images. These posts still contain a few images that we were not able to move, so please make a manual review of the following posts:

    Note that some or all of the images in the above posts may need to be uploaded to the media library here (Media>Add New) and then manually inserted into the post, replacing the image that is pointing to the old site still.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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