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    I am trying to import my self-hosted wordpress site, but I’m running into an issue. Over the years the site has bounced between Movable Type (originally),, & self-hosted wordpress based on my needs & now I hope to bring it back to

    The issue is when I import the site, everything looks complete, but the post->category & post->tag ties are non-existent. Everything is in Uncategorized.

    I tried cleaning up my self-hosted DB before exporting (cleaned out old UTW data from postmeta & restructured categories for simplicity), but nothing has worked. I then examined the XML & I noticed one difference specifically related to categories (and guessing the same applies to tags):

    3.1-rc2 export:

    <category domain=”category” nicename=”miscellanea”><![CDATA[Miscellanea]]></category> export:

    <category domain=”category” nicename=”uncategorized”><![CDATA[Uncategorized]]></category>

    So, for my self-hosted export, only one category-related tag is present, but exporting out of, there are two category tags for each post. Does key off the simpler “<category><![CDATA[FOO]]></category>” tag for importing?

    Just trying to discover the issue & resolve it.

    I did speak with Andrew@Support about this, but he ended up suggesting I post here…

    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is



    Really? If he can’t help you, I’m afraid I can’t either, except to suggest you use the bulk Category editor.



    Have you tried asking at forums – seems I remember several threads about export / import issues when I was self hosted – some real sharp folks over there.



    So far, no one has been able to help…

    In my own testing, I’ve confirmed that at least with my export data, CANNOT successfully import a file from self-hosted 3.1 site. The category & tag associations will be lost in the import unless the file is manually edited to add in the approprtiate lines such as:

    <category domain=”tag”><![CDATA[bar]]></category>

    <category> tags with the nicename option seem to be ignored.

    This seems like a fairly big issue to me that needs to be addressed for the community, but I’m focusing on cleaning up my data with some perl code…



    I wonder if the recent work WP has done on itself would resolve this. Try again after the 2nd with a brand-new export file and there’s a chance this is one of those things the crew fixed in the background.



    I grabbed a new export tonight from my site & tried the upload this evening with the same results. From my view, this issue still exists. I keep wondering if I’m doing something wrong as I would think others would be experiencing the same thing, but so far I can’t find anyone else with the same issue…



    The thread has been flagged for staff attention. I’m sure they’ll want to look at this again.


    @billvinson, update the 3.1 rc2 install to the full 3.1 version (after making a full backup, database and all) and then export from that and try importing. Perhaps it was something in rc2 that is causing the issue and it is not putting out a clean export file.



    Sorry, I should have stated it, but I did my testing with 3.1 final. No change at all in behavior…


    Well then, I’m afraid staff is going to be the only hope. This has been tagged for their attention, so hopefully they will respond soon and get this straightened out.



    No worries. Thanks for the suggestions & help


    You’re welcome.

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