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Import just not working...Back to Spaces I guess :(

  1. Two days of my life now. I am about ready to give up. I have had a Windows Live Space for over 5 years. I FINALLY got it to export to an xml file. I imported it and it said Parsing Pages (or whatever) Finished, Have Fun. But then nothing is there. I hate this but I think I am stuck with Spaces and that makes me upset especially after all this time trying.

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    The blog I need help with is

  2. Heather,
    Please contact Staff as they may be able to help you >

    Please never post your email address into a public forum like this one where spam bot will harvest it and sell it to spammers. We are all Volunteers answering questions on this forum and we do not provide support via email. Note that each thread here has an RSS feed for this topic in the sidebar > and you can subscribe and use it to track the threads you post.

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