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    Today, I had to delete manually all my posts, after having exported them to an xml file.
    Then I edited that xml file to update references that pointed to my old blog and have them point to my new one (I changed only the root URL)
    Then I uploaded the xml file and waited until the process was done (I received the email saying that it was successfully completed)
    When I did a quick check to see if everything was ok, I noticed that some older posts were not there as they should be.
    I looked into the xml file, and they are there.
    What happened?
    What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Fortunately, the missing posts were only older ones, easily isolated through the use of a dummy blog where I could create another xml file with only the missing ones (but still doing the same changes I did at first).
    After uploading those post, they all showed.
    So, my main conclusion here is that the changes I did in the xml file didn’t cause the issue.
    But, since it is solved, you may close this topic if you want.
    Thanks anyway

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